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Having the proper rollers for an epoxy job will make or break the application process. Here at EpoxyETC, we have curated the best selection of high quality rollers and frames to make your application flawless. 

Quick View 9 Inch Roller Cover

Painters Solution Roller Cover

$3.95 - $7.95
Painter Solutions Roller Covers are a durable roller cover solution. It lasts longer than the competition and provides a smoother finish. Made with 100% shed-resistant fabric, this roller delivers a smooth finish. Being lint-free makes this roller...
Quick View Wooster Roller Frame (18-inch)

Wooster Roller Frame (18-inch)

The lightweight Wooster Roller Frame is designed to fit 18 inch roller covers. Having a roller this size saves time by covering twice as much area with just one stroke. This addition is compatible with all Wooster 18 inch roller covers and extension...
Quick View Rapid Set Porcupine Spiked Roller

Rapid Set Porcupine Spike Roller For Epoxy

$259.00 - $285.00
Rapid Set Porcupine Rollers allows customers to evenly roll and coat surfaces using 2-inch stainless steel spikes. A unique spiked roller, like the Rapid Set Porcupine Roller, is specifically designed for thick cement mixtures such as Rapid Set TRU PC...
Quick View Metal Tined Spiked Roller

Metal Tined Spiked Epoxy Roller

$135.00 - $215.00
The 18" Metal Tine Spiked Roller is for treating high-build or catalyzed epoxy floor coatings and relieves surface tension by eliminating gas bubbles. The long steel pins are designed for a smoother finish and minimal color bleed-through. This...