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Quick View 9 Inch Roller Cover

Painters Solution Roller Cover

$3.95 - $7.95
Painter Solutions Roller Covers are a durable roller cover solution. It lasts longer than the competition and provides a smoother finish. Made with 100% shed-resistant fabric, this roller delivers a smooth finish. Being lint-free makes this roller...
Quick View Epoxy Spiked Shoes

Epoxy Spiked Shoes

Epoxy (Shoe-In) Spiked Shoes are the perfect companion for job-site surface protection and fit comfortably right over your shoes. No more frustration with straps, buckles, and adjustments. Just step right in to Epoxy (Shoe-In) Spikes and get to work...
Quick View Epoxy Gunite Spiked Shoes

Gunite Spiked Shoe Attachments For Epoxy

The Epoxy Gunite Spiked Shoes w/ Straps will protect your new floors and prevent air bubbles that may form during the application process. Precisely positioned around the base, the steel spikes allow for balance when walking on epoxy and other...
Quick View 24" Wooster Red Speed Squeegee

24" Wooster Red Speed Notched Industrial Floor Squeegee

The Wooster Red Speed Squeegee is a 24-inch, single blade squeegee that efficiently banishes those pesky streaks and markings in your application. This high performance professional floor squeegee will greatly improve your application which improves the...
Quick View Wooster Roller Frame (18-inch)

Wooster Roller Frame (18-inch)

The lightweight Wooster Roller Frame is designed to fit 18 inch roller covers. Having a roller this size saves time by covering twice as much area with just one stroke. This addition is compatible with all Wooster 18 inch roller covers and extension...
Quick View Magic Squeegee Trowel (12 in)

Magic Squeegee Trowel

$23.45 - $50.00
The 12-inch Magic Squeegee Trowel is designed with a flexible blade that smooths and spreads compounds evenly across the floor's surface. This tool is ideal for erasing trowel lines, finishing drywall, skim coating walls, and knocking down all...
Quick View 3M Duct Tape

3M Duct Tape

3M Duct Tapes are crafted to stick; whether your surface is perfectly smooth or rough and rugged. 3M has the repertoire of tapes to tackle any project.  Sealing pipes, covering tripping hazards, or hanging material are all covered my 3M duct tapes...
Quick View 36-inch Hp Spartacote - Laticrete Replacement Broom Head

Sparticote Replacement Broom

This 36 inch wide Industrial Broom Head is designed for maximum sweeping applications. Synthetic 3.25 inch high fibers imbedded to a hardwood broom frame makes this virtually unbreakable. Pre-drilled for threaded handle insertions. Specify with...
Quick View Floor Squeegee (36-inch)

Floor Squeegee (36-inch)

This industrial Floor Squeegee is built with a double foam flap and reinforced metal top plate. The 60-inch hardwood handle attaches directly to a 36-inch wide squeegee through the pre-drilled thread attachment. This heavy duty floor squeegee...
Quick View Tramex CME5 Moisture Meter

Tramex CME5 Concrete Moisture Meter

This Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter detects and evaluates the moisture conditions within the slab or screed by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance. A low frequency electronic signal is transmitted into the material under...
Quick View Rapid Set Porcupine Spiked Roller

Rapid Set Porcupine Spike Roller For Epoxy

$259.00 - $285.00
Rapid Set Porcupine Rollers allows customers to evenly roll and coat surfaces using 2-inch stainless steel spikes. A unique spiked roller, like the Rapid Set Porcupine Roller, is specifically designed for thick cement mixtures such as Rapid Set TRU PC...
Quick View MOH Hardness Kit

MOH Hardness Tester

The MOH Concrete Hardness Test Kit points are made of Metals and Alloys of equivalent MOH Hardness as the mineral standards, so the points will not break off, and they can easily be re-sharpened, and ultimately replaced after many years. This...
Quick View Cotton Mop Heads (24-inch)

Cotton Mop Heads (24-inch)

The 24-inch Cotton Mop Head glides so smoothly across the floor's surface, you might actually mistake it for floating. This premium mop head  is designed to have 25% less drag after laying finishes. The thick, industrial-grade yarn is made...
Quick View Metal Tined Spiked Roller

Metal Tined Spiked Epoxy Roller

$135.00 - $215.00
The 18" Metal Tine Spiked Roller is for treating high-build or catalyzed epoxy floor coatings and relieves surface tension by eliminating gas bubbles. The long steel pins are designed for a smoother finish and minimal color bleed-through. This...
Quick View Simix Multi-Surface Ceramic Coatings

Simix Multi-Surface Ceramic Coatings

Eco-Friendly Antimicrobial Coatings SIMIX Multi-Surface Ceramic Coating will save you time and money on floor maintenance (stripping, cleaning, and coating), HVAC, mold removal, and roof cleaning. Simix works on all floors (VCT tile, terrazzo, polished...
Quick View 3M Aluminum Foil Tape

3M Aluminum Foil Tape

3M™ Metal Foil TapesAluminum foil tapes are just one of the many metal-backed tapes avaiable from 3M. Foil tapes are resistant to the normal deteriators of tapes like moisture, UV rays, and many chemicals. These tapes are commonly used for...
Quick View 3M Blue Painters Tape 2 Pack

3M Blue Painters Tape 2 Pack

ScotchBlue™ Original Painter’s Tape has been a staple in every DIY painter or professional’s kit for more than 30 years. No matter if you are protecting baseboards, freshly painted walls, or windows, ScotchBlue™will leave...
Quick View Slip Meter Kit

Slip Meter Kit

The Slip Meter Kit is a device equipped to test levels for coefficient of friction (COF) on your concrete floors. This floor friction test will determine if the concrete floor is safe for use. This device could ultimately prevent any potential slip and...
Quick View Microfiber Wet Pad

Microfiber Mop Pad

This quick change Microfiber Wet Pad is the professional cleaner's choice for heavy duty surface cleaning. This flat, microfiber commercial wet pad is designed to lay down liquid finishes like protectors or waxes and is edged with a reinforced...
Quick View Microfiber Floor Care Kit

Microfiber Floor Care Kit

The Microfiber Floor Care Kit is an excellent floor cleaning solution for keeping your surfaces safe, clean and sanitary. This kit comes complete with heavy duty tools to ensure longer life and superior performance. The microfiber retains...
Quick View Gloss Meter Kit

Gloss Meter

The Gloss Meter accurately gathers all aspects of the floor surface readings and translates a precise measure that complies with the international standard ASTM-D1455: 1987 test method for 60º spectacular gloss of emulsion floor polish...
Quick View Xtreme Sponge

Xtreme Sponge Scuff Remover

Xtreme Sponge Scuff Remover is perfect for the removal of scuff marks on VCT or bathroom tile. Just add water and this melamine pad deep cleans between refinishing jobs. Use wet on VCT. Size: 5.25in x 10.5in Ideal For Tile and...