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Shop the largest selection of concrete flooring supplies today! We have everything from floor grinders and floor burnishers, to crack filler and concrete stain. Every concrete flooring supply you could ever need, all under one roof! Shop now!

Quick View Kemiko Easy Shine Wax

Kemiko Easy Shine Concrete Wax

Kemiko Easy Shine Wax is an extremely easy to use waterborne acrylic polymer wax that protects and maintains your sealed concrete surface. The concrete floor wax is designed to repel water, reduce scuffing and marring. This product also allows for...
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Quick View Sparta-Flex Clear

Sparta-Flex Protective Concrete Coating System

$306.95 - $938.20
Sparta-Flex Clear by HP Spartacote is a polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea sealer concrete coatings designed for both decorative and protective applications. This high performance polyaspartic concrete coating material is applied in single or multiple...
Quick View Kemiko Neutra Clean

Kemiko Neutra Concrete Cleaner

KEMIKO® Neutra Clean easily cleans and prepares your concrete floors for staining and sealing. This powerful concentrate cleaner removes oil, grease, sludge, stain residue, and any other contaminates. Being an industrial-strength,...
Quick View Scofield Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate

Scofield Formula One Liquid Concrete Dye Concentrate

Scofield Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate is a penetrating, translucent dye concentrate designed to color interior concrete surfaces prior to being sealed, densified, or polished. Designed for easy job-site dilution with acetone, the material will...
Quick View XPS Thixofix Adhesive

Thixofix Concrete Repair

XPS Thixo-5 Adhesive is a non-harzardous, mildew and builogical growth resistant fluffed and dried synthetic pulp that can be used in a wide variety of applications including adhesives, textured cement, or industrial coatings and sealants. XPS...
Quick View Sparta-Grip Traction Additive

Sparta-Grip Traction Additive

Sparta-Grip Traction Additive by HP Spartacote is a traction additive material. The material is sifted from a high-strength pulverized resin, making it extremely lightweight. It is a viable alternative to heavier aluminum aggregates, this traction...
Quick View Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner

Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner

Sanitize Surfaces and Kill Viruses SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner & Multi-Surface Coating utilizes Nano Technology and Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) a photo Catalyst works with ambient light to break down and remove bacteria, viruses, algae, mold, dirt and...
Quick View Kemiko Stone Tone Sealer II Gloss

Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Sealer II

$41.87 - $225.00
Kemiko Stone Tone Sealer II is a single component, acrylic, waterbed concrete sealer that offers low a VOC, and is easy to use. This concrete sealer is designed to provide resistance against water, acids, alkali, UV Light, and staining. Clear gloss...
Quick View Scofield Revive Exterior Concrete Stain

Scofield Revive Exterior Concrete Stain

$144.58 - $608.61
Scofield Revive Exterior Concrete Stain is a highly penetrating, polysiloxane-based, exterior quality stain designed to add new color or improve the color uniformity of previously colored concrete surfaces. This exterior concrete stain is a single...
Quick View NewLook Applicator Brush 4 inch

NewLook Concrete Stain Applicator Brush

$7.93 - $17.95
This NewLook Concrete Stain Applicator Brush has dense, flag-tipped bristles that makes this the most effective tool for installing concrete stains/coatings on porous concrete. Do not use this NewLook Concrete Stain Applicator to install paint, epoxy, or...
Quick View L.M. Scofield Cureseal-W

L.M. Scofield Cureseal-W Concrete Sealer

$38.96 - $185.79
L.M. Scofield Cureseal-W is a clear concrete curing and sealing compound designed for use on existing or freshly placed interior or exterior concrete where uniform color and stain resistance is required immediately after placement. This product...
Quick View Metzger/ McGuire Spal-Pro RS 88 Polyurea Joint Filler

Spal-Pro RS 88 Polyurea Concrete Floor Joint Fillers

Spal-Pro RS 88 Polyurea Joint Filler is a 100% solids, two component heavy duty, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors. Fill...
Quick View AmeriPolish ColorJuice E Exterior Concrete Dye

AmeriPolish ColorJuice E Exterior Concrete Dye

$70.00 - $350.00
Ameripolish ColorJuice E Exterior Concrete Colorant Systems are a fast, easy way to apply color to many types of interior or exterior concrete. It provides durable, rich hues by bonding color pigment directly into the concrete with integral silicate...
Quick View Sika Scofield Cureseal 700

SCOFIELD Cureseal 700 Concrete Seal

SCOFIELD CureSeal 700 is a high solids (25 %), styrene-acrylic copolymer solution formulated to achieve both a protective and decorative finish as well as allow the concrete to attain full mix design properties.SCOFIELD Cure Seal 700 is a high solids (25...
Quick View Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain

Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain

Kemiko Stone Tone Stain is an acid-based, single component concrete stain that leaves you with a decorative low maintenance floor finish and is a 0-VOC product. This concrete stain transforms any ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor at a...
Quick View AmeriPolish Solvent-Based Classic Concrete Dye

AmeriPolish Solvent-Based Classic Concrete Dye

Ameripolish Classic Dyes are designed solely for polished and exposed concrete. The dyes penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete slab giving extremely long-lasting color that will not wear from daily usage. Classic Dyes can be used as a base...
Quick View Fast Cure Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair

Fast Cure Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair

$112.24 - $225.00
Our Fast Cure Epoxy Crack Filler is a sag resistant structural epoxy paste system designed to repair vertical or horizontal cracks. It has excellent adhesive properties on concrete, masonry, wood, metal and plastics. Apply mixed product on the prepared...
Quick View NewLook Concrete Degreaser

NewLook Concrete Degreaser

$20.62 - $97.95
The NewLook Concrete Degreaser is a proven, heavy-duty concrete degreaser. This concentrated cleaner can be diluted with water to provide an economical, effective cleaner. This product removes grease, oil, transmission fluid, adhesive, soil, and other...
Quick View AmeriPolish Surelock Concrete Dye

AmeriPolish Surelock Concrete Dye

$55.00 - $299.00
Ameripolish SureLock Dyes formula has recently been updated making them the most vibrant concrete dyes Ameripolish® has ever produced. SureLock Dyes are versatile colorants for polished concrete that mix with water or Ameripolish ColorSolve...