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Quick View Easycove Wall Cove

Easycove Wall Epoxy Cove Base

$15.84 - $34.25
Thousands of linear feet of Easycove® Wall Epoxy Cove Base coving can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional trowel down or other precast cove bases. In addition, the one-of-a-kind “no caulk” lip bevel eliminates...
Quick View Epoxy Flooring 3 Gallon Kit

Epoxy Flooring 3 Gallon Kit

Our high-quality Epoxy Coating Kit is a clear, 100% solid, 2-part system that is extremely easy to use. Our epoxy coating is resistant to chemical spills and unwanted abrasion, as well as resistant to yellowing from UV exposure. We are proud to offer a...
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Colored Epoxy Pigments

$12.00 - $52.50
Our Colored Epoxy Pigments are available in bright, beatiful color variants that are gaurantted to satisfy any personal preference. 
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Metallic Epoxy Pigments

$20.00 - $21.00
Metallic Epoxy Color Pigments are one of the most transformative products you can invest in for your home. They are increidbly easy to use and fit a varied range of projects; from garage floors, basement floors, bathroom countertops, and kitchen...
Quick View Easycove Corner Cove

Easycove Corner Epoxy Cove Base

$11.50 - $14.25
Easycove® Corner Epoxy Cove Base coving can be mitered to any angle, and with the added feature of our DoveLock™ interlocking bond channels, can accommodate any inside or outside angle.  However, demand in this industry continues to...
Quick View Spara Flakes Charta

Sparta Epoxy Flake

$17.25 - $138.00
Sparta Flakes by HP Spartacote is designed to increase the durability of your epoxy floors while offering a high-quality finish. These epoxy flakes/chips offer texture and color to your clear/transparent epoxy floors. Add some color and texture to your...
Quick View Powder Epoxy Pigments

Powdered Epoxy Pigment

Powder Epoxy Pigments offer excellent performance benefits for coating applications. These powder epoxy pigments are created to be resistant to corrosion, unwanted chemicals, flexibility, adhesion, and abrasions. These pigments are not to be used for...
Quick View Sparta-Quartz

Sparta-Quartz Epoxy Floor Coating System

$41.38 - $45.00
Sparta-Quartz Epoxy Floor Coating System by HP Spartacote is a incredibly durable floor coating application that involves a double broadcast of colored quartz agregating with HP Spartacote polyaspartic coatings. Sparta-Quartz coatings are extremely...
Quick View Easycove Joint & Seal

Easycove Joint Sealer

By placing a thin line of the Easycove Joint & Seal Adhesive to the edge of the coving, and pressing together the cove base, you will create a completely monolithic cove that is properly aligned. This product is key to keeping the cove in...
Quick View Metallic Glitter

Metallic Glitter Epoxy Flakes

Metallic Glitter Epoxy Flakes add amazing sparkle and shine to any surface and enhance any 3D flooring design. Our polyester based glitter is extremely resistant to most common commerical solvents and can be used with most solvent, acrylic, vinyl,...
Quick View Epoxy Countertop Kit

Epoxy Countertop Kit

Our Epoxy Countertop Kit is a 100% solid, ultra-clear, and self-leveling epoxy resin coating that can be applied over any properly prepared countertop, bar top, and table top surface. Great for creating epoxy art and epoxy resin wood tables. This...
Quick View UV Stable Polyurethane Topcoat

UV Stable Polyurethane Topcoat

The UV Stable Topcoat is a two component, high solid, UV stable moisture-cured polyurethane topcoat. It provides a high-gloss finish with exception resistance to unwanted chemicals. It is designed to stand up to the even the most industrially...
Quick View Xtreme Epoxy Cove Mortar

Epoxy Cove Mortar

Xtreme Epoxy Cove Mortar is an epoxy mortar specifically designed for cove bases and vertical applications. Each unit consists of a special mixture of solventless epoxy, natural sand aggregates, and fine powder to facilitate the application and grip...
Quick View Torginol Polyester Glitter Flakes

Torginol Polyester Glitter For Epoxy Floor

Torginol Polyester Glitter Flakes are specialty glitters that are precision cut from premium quality vacuum-metalized polyester film. These stunning glitter flakes are compatible with both water and solvent based resin systems. Torginol’s...
Quick View NewLook QuickEtch Concrete Etcher

NewLook QuickEtch Concrete Etcher

$62.30 - $295.92
NewLook QuickEtch Concrete Etcher is a biodegradable, concrete etching compound, specially designed to ech concrete floors; both fresh and mature. The depth and quality of the concrete etching achieved with this product is the same as hydrochloric or...
Quick View Polyaspartic Pigments

Polyaspartic Epoxy Pigments

$47.00 - $214.24
Polyaspartic Pigments by HP Spartacote are created through a proprietary process where raw pigmetns are ground and combined with the highest quality resins available. Once ready to be used, these concentrated pigments are put directly into short-filled...
Quick View Casting Epoxy

UV Casting Epoxy Kit

$115.00 - $250.00
Our UV Casting Epoxy Kit is a 100% solid, two-component, low odor, solvent-free clear epoxy casting system. This kit is for mass castings exceeding 1-inch in thickness. It is ideal for casting small decorative items and making molds, countertop...
Quick View Fast Cure Epoxy Coating Kit

Fast Cure Epoxy Coating Kit

The high-quality Fast Curing Epoxy Coating Kit is a clear, 100% solid, 2-part system that is extremely easy to use. This coating cures quickly and is extremely resistant to unwanted chemicals and abrasion. Our high-quality kits are also resistant to...
Quick View Cove Trowel

Epoxy Cove Trowel

The Epoxy Cove Trowel is manufactured with tempered, ground, and polished high-carbon spring steel trowels. The blades are fastened with hardened steel ground rivets with wooden handles for better gripping power. Selected by manufacturers’...
Quick View Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz

Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz Epoxy Quartz Flooring

$45.00 - $60.00
Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz colored quartz is a durable flooring surface that has exceptional quality and comes in a wide range of colors and blends. Coating nearly 100% quarts sand with a range of colors generates a vidid product that will not bleed...