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Epoxy topcoats are a clear finish coating that add extra shine and protection to any style of epoxy flooring. Polyaspartic, polyurea, and uerthane top coatings provide unmatched chemical, UV, and solvent resistance; all while maintaining the unmatched finish. A top coat that is properly cured to .50/.60 wet/dry coefficient of friction standards, the floor is considered not slippery. 

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UV Stable Polyurethane Topcoat

The UV Stable Topcoat is a two component, high solid, UV stable moisture-cured polyurethane topcoat. It provides a high-gloss finish with exception resistance to unwanted chemicals. It is designed to stand up to the even the most industrially...
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X-Top 72.5 Polyurethane Coating Kit

X-Top 72.5 High Solids Polyurethane Coating is a two component, polyurethane coating system designed to provide outstanding appearance and superior chemical, UV, and solvent resistance. This product exhibits excellent physical properties...
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Polyurethane Cementitious Epoxy Topcoat

Our Polyurethane Cementitious Topcoat is self-leveling, medium to heavy duty, three component water dispersed polyurethane-based cement and aggregated screed. Installing at a thickness between 10-15 mils, WUCT-CP is designed to be a topcoat for the...