Burnishing & Buffing Equipment

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Quick View Fenix Polishing Pads

HTC Fenix Concrete Polishing Pad

HTC’s Fenix Pads are ideal for grinding and polishing surfaces; including concrete and cement toppings, such as overlays and screed. These flexible Fenix Pads are great problem solvers when you encounter low or uneven spots in the surface...
Quick View Premium Hogs Hair Pad

Premium Hog-Hair Pad Burnishing & Polishing Pad

$12.00 - $28.50
Premium Hogs Hair Burnishing & Polishing Pads are made with a combined blend of synthetic and natural hair fibers (hog hair) and polyester. This blend uses the special properties of both fibers to create a very unique and aggressive floor pad...
Quick View Xtreme 175 Floor Buffer

Xtreme 175 Floor Buffer

The Xtreme 175 Floor Buffer is an industrial piece of cleaning equipment that professionally strips, or removes wax from the surface of your floors. Commonly referred to as floor strippers, swing machines or side-to-side machines. The...
Quick View Xtreme Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Buffer

Xtreme Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Buffer

The Xtreme Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Buffer is an industrial piece of cleaning equipment that professionally strips wax from the surface of your floors. These machines are commonly referred to as floor strippers, swing machines, or side-to-side...
Quick View Xtreme 2000 Ultra Speed Floor Burnisher

Xtreme 2000 Ultra Speed Floor Burnisher

The Xtreme 2000 Ultra Speed Floor Burnisher is a rotary machine that circulates to clean and remove scratches, while shining and polishing your concrete, wood, and tile floors making them look brand new. The Xtreme 2000 Ultra Speed floor burnisher...
Quick View Presto Pro Floor Burnisher

Presto Pro Floor Burnisher

The Genie Presto Pro Floor Burnisher is perfect for achieving high gloss shine on concrete and other flooring surfaces using black or diamond impregnated pads. The weighted Genie Presto Pro increases floor temperature during burnishing to raise...
Quick View NSS Charger 2717 Floor Burnisher

NSS Charger 2717 Floor Burnisher

The NSS Charger 2717 battery burnisher is a completely redesigned burnisher, that produces a wet-look shine without the need for operator adjustment. 70-80 pounds of pad pressure ensures a brilliant, high gloss shine no operator adjustment needed Hinged...
Quick View NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher

NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher

The NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher is the economical choice for high gloss, wet-look shine applications. A 24-volt 235 AH battery pack provides up to 2.5 hours of burnishing With a 2500 RPM motor and 60-70 lbs of pad pressure, the Charger 2022...
Quick View NSS Charger 1500 Burnisher

NSS Charger 1500 Concrete Floor Burnisher

The NSS Charger 1500 Floor Burnisher can be used on a polymerized acrylic floor finish reinforced with metal interlock immediately after it has dried; a feature no other machine can claim. This is all possible through its light weight design. The Charger...
Quick View Aztec Low Rider

Aztec Low Rider Propane Floor Burnisher

$4,263.00 - $4,685.00
Aztec Lowrider Propane Floor Burnisher is newly designed and aggressively priced and has a rugged, solid steel body design with an ultra low 3¾” profile for buffing and polishing under racks and hard to reach areas. The LowRider also...
Quick View Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine Burnisher

Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine Floor Burnisher

$5,472.49 - $9,328.65
The Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine 420BU is a propane powered, ultra-high speed burnisher that gives floor care professionals the options they want to customize a machine to their needs. Based on the decades popular Mean Machine, the 420BU is...
Quick View Roll X Pad

Roll X Burnishing Pad

$35.00 - $88.00
Roll X Burnishing Pads are an innovative take on traditional burnishing pads. These pads are designed with a universal fit for most burnishing machines. These high performances, large-diameter polishing pads are created with a special mesh that...
Quick View Red Buffing Pad

Red Floor Buffing Pad

Red Floor Buffing Pads restore the incredible gloss on the floor’s surface while removing scuff marks and dirt. These pads are perfect for environments that experience medium to heavy traffic conditions. Use on dry applications to produce a...
Quick View Heat Pad

Heat Burnishing Pad

$21.00 - $55.00
Heat Burnishing Pads are ultra-high-speed floor pads that produce a premium shine while continuing to be able to remain more efficient than other standard floor pads on the market.  Features & Benefits Uses a unique heat shield. Two-sided...