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Quick View Green Giant Trapezoid

Green Giant Trapezoid Grinding Disk

Green Giant Metals are designed to grind and smooth bumps and rough surfaces and is built with a full 15mm segment height (One of the biggest segments in the industry), giving this tool supreme life expectancy. Green Giant Metals are very aggressive...
Quick View Fenix Polishing Pads

HTC Fenix Concrete Polishing Pad

HTC’s Fenix Pads are ideal for grinding and polishing surfaces; including concrete and cement toppings, such as overlays and screed. These flexible Fenix Pads are great problem solvers when you encounter low or uneven spots in the surface...
Quick View Eco Prop Pad

Eco Prop Concrete Polishing Pad

Eco Prop Polishing Pads are high-quality polishing pads specially designed to produce a premium polish and shine on marble, granite, and concrete surfaces.  Features & Benefits Velcro backed Covers approx. 10,000+ square feet Can be used...
Quick View Racatac Kneeling Chest Support (Model RAC3CS)

Racatac Kneeling Chest Support With Seat

The Racatac Kneeling Chest Support is a fully adjustable chest support made with a comfortable dual density foam with attachable parts that connect and disconnect in seconds. Both the seat and chest support adjust at different angles, heights,...
Quick View Dustless HEPA Vacuum

Dustless HEPA Vacuum

Dustless HEPA Vacuums are the perfect dust collectors for projects big and small. These vacuums allow you to go from wet to dry without switching filters for no stoppage in work. The patented filtration system provides 2 layers of filtration for...
Quick View Wet Strip Pad

Wet Strip Floor Scrubbing Pad

The Wet Strip Floor Scrubbing Pad should be used only for the heaviest of chemical stripping jobs. Extremely abrasive and heavy, dense fibers. Best when first and build are sever. Use wet with a Cleaning Pad on VCT Tile.  Size: 5.25” x 10...
Quick View Dry Concrete Pads

Dry Concrete Polishing Pads

Dry Concrete Polishing Pads are extra thick and designed for a higher, more aggressive polish for concrete. These pads provide an extremely long life while the flexibility makes rounded or curved areas easier to polish than ever. Features &...
Quick View PCD Trapezoid

PCD Concrete Grinding Trapezoid

The PCD Concrete Grinding Trapezoid is a two-bar grinding tool that is embedded with polycrystalline diamonds, creating a powerful tool for coating removal, grinding, and polishing concrete surfaces. The innovative replacement hole pattern provides...
Quick View Premium Hogs Hair Pad

Premium Hog-Hair Pad Burnishing & Polishing Pad

$12.00 - $28.50
Premium Hogs Hair Burnishing & Polishing Pads are made with a combined blend of synthetic and natural hair fibers (hog hair) and polyester. This blend uses the special properties of both fibers to create a very unique and aggressive floor pad...
Quick View Dust Control Tromb 400L

Dust Control Tromb 400L Industrial Dust Vacuum

$2,595.00 - $3,595.00
The DC Tromb 400L Industrial Vacuum is our most powerful 110 volt dust extractor to date. Designed to cope with the demands for a clean and healthy working environment as well as effective handheld power tools. This dust extractor also enables...
Quick View XPS 10 Seg (3-inch)

XPS 10 Seg (3-inch) Grinding Wheel

The 3-inch XPS 10 Seg metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. These are designed to be used on most grinders and can be used both wet and dry.  Specification Post Backing Use Wet or Dry Fast and aggressive
Quick View Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder

The Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder combines 13 AMP variable speed power with comfort and motor-protection features for longer-lasting stone grinding and polishing performance. This tool is engineered with Makita’s innovative...
Quick View Dustless DustBuddie XP

Dustless DustBuddie XP Dust Extractor Fitting

$125.00 - $135.00
The Dustless DustBuddie XP captures nearly 99% dust generated while sawing. Using vacuum suction, the dust and debris are caught, giving you a truly dustless work environment. The installation is quick an easy. Slip the shroud head around the...
Quick View XPS 8 Seg (3-inch)

XPS 8 Seg (3-inch) Cup Wheel Grinding Disc

These 3 XPS 8 Seg metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. These offer unmatched versatility without breaking the budget. Specifications Fast & Aggressive Use Wet or dry Post Backed Versatility
Quick View Spike CoatingGrinding Discs - 5"

Epoxy Removal Grinding Discs - 5"

$89.00 - $125.00
These Spike Surface Grinding Discs utilize a new diamond technology where a multi-layer of high-quality diamond grits are vacuum-brazed into a clustered layer. This allows the removal of thick coating materials such as epoxy and urethane on concrete...
Quick View XPS 6 Seg (3-inch) | Specialty

6 Seg (3-inch) Specialty Cup Wheel

These 6 Seg (3-inch) Specialty metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. They offer unmatched versatility at an unbeatable price.  Features Post Backed Versatility Fast & Aggressive Use Wet or Dry