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Quick View Green Giant Trapezoid

Green Giant Trapezoid Grinding Disk

Green Giant Metals are designed to grind and smooth bumps and rough surfaces and is built with a full 15mm segment height (One of the biggest segments in the industry), giving this tool supreme life expectancy. Green Giant Metals are very aggressive...
Quick View Dustless HEPA Vacuum

Dustless HEPA Vacuum

Dustless HEPA Vacuums are the perfect dust collectors for projects big and small. These vacuums allow you to go from wet to dry without switching filters for no stoppage in work. The patented filtration system provides 2 layers of filtration for...
Quick View Fenix Polishing Pads

HTC Fenix Concrete Polishing Pad

HTC’s Fenix Pads are ideal for grinding and polishing surfaces; including concrete and cement toppings, such as overlays and screed. These flexible Fenix Pads are great problem solvers when you encounter low or uneven spots in the surface...
Quick View XPS 10 Seg (3-inch)

XPS 10 Seg (3-inch) Grinding Wheel

The 3-inch XPS 10 Seg metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. These are designed to be used on most grinders and can be used both wet and dry.  Specification Post Backing Use Wet or Dry Fast and aggressive
Quick View Dustless DustBuddie XP

Dustless DustBuddie XP Dust Extractor Fitting

$125.00 - $135.00
The Dustless DustBuddie XP captures nearly 99% dust generated while sawing. Using vacuum suction, the dust and debris are caught, giving you a truly dustless work environment. The installation is quick an easy. Slip the shroud head around the...
Quick View XPS 6 Seg (3-inch) | Specialty

6 Seg (3-inch) Specialty Cup Wheel

These 6 Seg (3-inch) Specialty metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. They offer unmatched versatility at an unbeatable price.  Features Post Backed Versatility Fast & Aggressive Use Wet or Dry
Quick View Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder

The Makita Variable Speed Angle Grinder combines 13 AMP variable speed power with comfort and motor-protection features for longer-lasting stone grinding and polishing performance. This tool is engineered with Makita’s innovative...
Quick View Dust Shroud for Concrete Genie

Dust Shroud for Concrete Genie

The Concrete Genie Dust Shroud is the professional's choice for dust control when using the Concrete Genie Grinder, Polisher & Edger. Once attached to the Concrete Genie, the Genie Shroud preserves air quality, protects workers...
Quick View Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer

Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer

The Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer is a lightweight compression sprayer designed with acetone-resistant parts which makes it an ideal tool for applying acetone and acid-based stains and dyes to concrete floors. This sprayer is designed for...
Quick View Spike CoatingGrinding Discs - 5"

Epoxy Removal Grinding Discs - 5"

$89.00 - $125.00
These Spike Surface Grinding Discs utilize a new diamond technology where a multi-layer of high-quality diamond grits are vacuum-brazed into a clustered layer. This allows the removal of thick coating materials such as epoxy and urethane on concrete...
Quick View Genie Magic Duel

Genie Magic Duel Floor Scrubber

The Genie Magic Duel Floor Scrubber is a powerful battery operated scrubber designed for most cleaning applications and facility sizes and is primarily used for floor surface cleaning. The advanced flexibility of this machine allows easy and fast...
Quick View Flex Dot Cup Wheel

Flex Dot Cup Grinding Wheel

The Flex Dot Cup Wheel is a durable diamond cup wheel built for grinding cured concrete, hard brick/block, and hard granite. The Flex Dot Cup wheel fits most angle grinders to make powering through project after project easier than ever. The...
Quick View Morflex Coupler

Morflex Coupler

$168.00 - $375.00
The Moriflex Coupler is a uniquely resiliant coupling that provides unmatched flexibility for the tools to follow the contours of the floor. The Morflex coupler has a universal driveshaft sreies with a slip joint construction for greater shaft...
Quick View Arrow Seg Plus Cup Wheel

Arrow Seg Plus Concrete Grinding Cup Wheel

$77.00 - $132.00
The Arrow Seg Plus Concrete Grinding Cup Wheel is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance grinding wheel that prevents excessive silica dust. The unique arrow-shaped segments are designed for clean, yet aggressive, grinding and...
Quick View Genie X550 Concrete Grinder

Genie X550 Concrete Floor Grinder

The Genie X550 is used to grind away imperfections in materials, renovate dated surfaces, and repair concrete flooring. This robust concrete floor grinder is specifically built for the professional contractor to reach the highest standards and...
Quick View Perfect Trac Concrete Saw

Perfect Trac Walk Behind Concrete Saw

The Perfect Trac is a revolutionary concrete saw that is changing the way you cut concrete. Being built with a solid aluminum design not only makes the saw more durable, it is also lightweight which helps with transporting and maneuvering the...
Quick View Ecoguard (Type W) Dust Shroud

Ecoguard Tuckpointing Dust Shroud

The Ecoguard (Type W) Dust Shroud must be used with a vacuum, or other dust collection system, to successfully collect the dust and larger particles derived from using wider kerf diamond blades such as the Tuck Pointing or Crack Chasing blades...
Quick View Xtreme Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Buffer

Xtreme Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Buffer

The Xtreme Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Buffer is an industrial piece of cleaning equipment that professionally strips wax from the surface of your floors. These machines are commonly referred to as floor strippers, swing machines, or side-to-side...
Quick View XPS 8 Seg (Medium Post)

XPS 8 Seg (Medium Post) Concrete Grinding Disc

These XPS 8 Seg metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. These offer unmatched versatility without breaking the bank.  Specification Post Backing Versatility Use Wet or Dry Fast and Aggressive
Quick View XPS 8 Seg (3-inch)

XPS 8 Seg (3-inch) Cup Wheel Grinding Disc

These 3 XPS 8 Seg metals are ideal for the contractor who is concerned with upfront cost. These offer unmatched versatility without breaking the budget. Specifications Fast & Aggressive Use Wet or dry Post Backed Versatility