Edge Grinders

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When doing extensive grinding work, edges will become an inevitable problem area. Using specially designed edge grinders will help you work efficiently while maximizing comfort and productivity. These powerful machines are ideal for grinding, polishing, and edging concrete surfaces. 

Quick View Hum-B Edge Grinder

Hum-B Edge Grinder

The Hum-B Edge Grinder is the only surface grinder equipped with the patented dust grabber dustless shroud. The Dust Grabber allows the Hum-B to float across the surface without creating suction lock to slow you down. The Dust Grabber...
Quick View Eddie the Edge

Eddie the Edge Grinder

Eddie the Edge Grinder enhances the ability for perfect precision around edges, while providing absolute stability. Uses 4 EdgeMets. Motor: 5.5HP Inverter: 5.5HP Voltage: Single-Phase 220V Ampere: 10-12A Work Area: 12...