Hybrid Pads

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Xtreme Copper Polishing Pad

$45.00 - $57.50
The Xtreme Copper Pad is an extremely durable, premium polishing pad that provides an extremely smooth finish. These Xtreme Copper Pads are very flexible, even after continual use.
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Terrazzo Transitional Polishing Pad

The 3-Inch Terrazzo Polishing Pad is constructed with velcro backing for easy changing and excellent surface finish. This 3-inch pad has a larger concentration of diamond particles which in-turn yields more effective results while providing longer life...
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Resinoid Copper Polishing Pad

These Resinoid Pads are copper resin that bridges the gap between metal and resins. The 3-inch pad will remove scratches quickly and easy to prep for standard resin.  Features & Benefits Use wet or dry Polishes 30,000 - 40,000 Sq...