Polishing Pads

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Polishing pads are designed to mechanically polish concrete surfaces. We offer the most comprehensive catalog of polishing pads that easily attach to powerful floor grinders and polishers to produce a stunning professional finish. Our pads are made to deliver unmatched longevity and performance compared to other alternatives. Polishing pads are ideal for commercial, residential, and industrial applications; leaving your floors lasting longer and shining brighter.

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Eco Prop Concrete Polishing Pad

Eco Prop Polishing Pads are high-quality polishing pads specially designed to produce a premium polish and shine on marble, granite, and concrete surfaces.  Features & Benefits Velcro backed Covers approx. 10,000+ square feet Can be used...
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Dry Concrete Polishing Pads

Dry Concrete Polishing Pads are extra thick and designed for a higher, more aggressive polish for concrete. These pads provide an extremely long life while the flexibility makes rounded or curved areas easier to polish than ever. Features &...
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Heavy Metal Flex Polishing Pad

$50.00 - $136.50
The XPS Heavy Metal Flex polishing pad that is much faster and more durable than most comparable polishing pads. These XPS pads will leave no scratches on the surface, even at a rough grit. With this polishing pad, you can fit any kind of...
Quick View Prop 2 Diamond System

Prop 2 Diamond Concrete Polishing Pad

The Prop 2 Diamond System is the ideal tool for polishing concrete and terrazzo surfaces. Diameter: 3" Coverage: 10,000+ Sq. Ft. Use on Concrete and Terrazzo Velcro Backed Use Wet or Dry
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Flexible Resin Polishing Pad

$30.80 - $38.50
The 5-inch Flexible Resin Polishing Pad is manufactured to create a high luster surface, ideal for countertop and edge polishing.  Benefits & Features Ideal for lightweight machines Use wet or dry
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Foam Back Pads For Polishing Pads

$28.00 - $35.00
These durable, foam backed polishing pads are velcro backed, making this tool extremely easy to change. The convoluted foam face allows for swirl-free pain finished when used with polishing machines. This pad is molded with a brass thread insert for...
Quick View Shine X Resin Pad

Shine X Resin Copper Polishing ad

The 3-inch Shine X Resin (box-pattern) is the perfect tool for working with concrete flooring. These 3-inch pads are made to replace metal bonded diamonds for concrete polishing or floor prep work. The 3-inch Shine X Pads are the perfect tool for the...