Joint Cutters

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Concrete joint cutters are a used to create control joints in concrete, which help control where cracking occurs due to shrinkage. Our machines give the most precise cuts in your application. 

Quick View Perfect Trac Concrete Saw

Perfect Trac Walk Behind Concrete Saw

The Perfect Trac is a revolutionary concrete saw that is changing the way you cut concrete. Being built with a solid aluminum design not only makes the saw more durable, it is also lightweight which helps with transporting and maneuvering the...
Quick View Humpback Joint Ripper & Cutter

Humpback Concrete Joint Cutter

The Humpback Joint Ripper & Cutter is a versatile hand held saw designed to route cracks in the surface. Includes an adjustable depth shoe and cuts to 1-1/8" deep (with 8" blade). May be dolly mounted for joint cleanout, straight line...