Torginol Polyester Glitter For Epoxy Floor

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Torginol Polyester Glitter Flakes are specialty glitters that are precision cut from premium quality vacuum-metalized polyester film. These stunning glitter flakes are compatible with both water and solvent based resin systems. 

Torginol’s Polyester Glitter Flakes add amazing sparkle to any surface and can truly enhance any 3D flooring design. Being a polyester glitter, Torginol flakes are highly resistant to most ocmmon commercial solvents. This feature allows for this glitter to be used with most solvent, acrylic, vinyl, and gel systems. This polyester glitter is easy to use, fast to apply, and perfect for industrial, commercial, or residential applications. Torginol glitter flakes are also coated with UV inhibitors to minimize sun fading over time. 

Features & Benefits

What are Polyester GlitterFlakes? Polyester GlitterFlakes are highly reflective particles manufactured using premium polyester film and precision cutting technology. This unique collection of decorative elements creates a natural flow of energy in your environment and allows you to accent, highlight, and influence the expression of specific design features in your décor.

Applications Auto Dealerships, Banquet Halls, Laundromats Bars, Pubs & Taverns, Lunch Rooms, Basements, Night Clubs, Bathrooms, Offices, Bowling Alleys, Pet Stores, Cafeterias, Churches, Public Municipalities, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Restrooms Corridors, Retail Stores, Dog Kennels, Salons, Garage Floors, Showrooms, Stadium, Hallways, Sunrooms, Grocery Stores, Vestibules, Hallways, Veterinary Clinics, Hospitals, Zoos, Industrial Hallways, And more…

*Polyester flake glitter needs to be pre-tested with your individual application to see if it meets your specific needs. It is designed to meet the requirements of standards of manufacturers of adhesives, vinyl, decorative fabrics, plastic molding, paints, inks, and other products which require high quality glitter with outstanding physical and chemical properties.

1 Lb Bag