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Torginol Polyester Glitter Flakes

Epoxy Glitter

Delight your visitors with our mesmerizing array of glitter-infused floor paints. Crafted from top-tier industrial-grade polyester glitter fragments, these additives bring an enchanting gleam to epoxy resin, elevating every floor design. Compatible with a wide range of coating systems such as resin, acrylic, vinyl, solvent, and gel, they offer exceptional resistance against common solvents.

Opt for our Metallic, Holographic, and Iridescent options, simplifying their application within epoxy resin blends for a swift and dazzling outcome. As a trusted supplier of epoxy glitter floor additives, ETC remains at the forefront of concrete coating advancements. A glitter-infused floor promises a personalized, attention-grabbing, and budget-friendly finish, all while prioritizing safety.

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