Epoxy Flooring Kit

$95.00 - $220.00
Height 10.00 (in)
Width 22.00 (in)
Depth 9.00 (in)
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Size 3 Gallons
Coverage Depending on System
    300-450 Sq ft. Per Kit
    100-150 Sq ft. Per Gallon
Call For Bulk Pricing (954) 799-6359
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Our high-quality Epoxy Coating Kit is a clear, 100% solid, 2-part system that is extremely easy to use. Our epoxy coating is resistant to chemical spills and unwanted abrasion, as well as resistant to yellowing from UV exposure. We are proud to offer a product with this level of durability, along with the its ability to product a self-leveling seamless finish.

This system must be applied to a completely cleaned floor, free of dust and debris, and properly degreased so that adheasion takes place properly. To add onto the ease of use, mixing is just as simple. Mix 2-parts A to 1-part B. Once thoroughly mixed, apply onto the prepped surface within a 30-40 minute window. 
*Our 3 Gallon Epoxy Kit comes as a standard clear resin. To add color, metallics, or glitter, we offer powder and liquid pigments - sold separately here.*

Features & Benefits

  • Low odor & VOC content allowing for interior applications without harmful odors
  • Self-Leveling seamless finish
  • High Gloss & Crystal-Clear Finish
  • Surface resistant to bacteria and moisture
  • Will not distort or yellow with age
  • Endless color combinations with our Epoxy Pigments
  • Great for Garage & Industrial floors with our Sparta Or Mica-Chip Flakes


  • 8-10 hour dry time
  • 2-parts A (2 gallons of resin) to 1-part B (1 gallon of hardener)
  • Coverage: 300-450 sq ft. per 3-gallon kit (100-150 sq ft. per gallon)
  • Once the two parts are mixed you have a 30-40 minute window before the product begins to harden


     Solid Epoxy Installation Instructions

     Data Sheet


3 Gallons
Depending on System
    300-450 Sq ft. Per Kit
    100-150 Sq ft. Per Gallon
Call For Bulk Pricing:
(954) 799-6359

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Great product
Written by Cindy Gates on Oct 6th 2021

Is easy to use

Written by John Muldoon on Dec 31st 2020

Just finished applying epoxy to floor in pool house amazing results.

Floor epoxy
Written by Fidel on Dec 10th 2020

Loved your product