Epoxy Pigments

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Epoxy pigments are the heart and soul of your floor. They give your floor the magical aesthetic you’re after. Our unbeatable selection of pigments provide you with the widest range of colors and finishes available. 

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Colored Epoxy Pigments

$12.00 - $52.50
Our Colored Epoxy Pigments are available in bright, beatiful color variants that are gaurantted to satisfy any personal preference. 
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Metallic Epoxy Pigments

$20.00 - $21.00
Metallic Epoxy Color Pigments are one of the most transformative products you can invest in for your home. They are increidbly easy to use and fit a varied range of projects; from garage floors, basement floors, bathroom countertops, and kitchen...
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Powdered Epoxy Pigment

Powder Epoxy Pigments offer excellent performance benefits for coating applications. These powder epoxy pigments are created to be resistant to corrosion, unwanted chemicals, flexibility, adhesion, and abrasions. These pigments are not to be used for...
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Polyaspartic Epoxy Pigments

$47.00 - $214.24
Polyaspartic Pigments by HP Spartacote are created through a proprietary process where raw pigmetns are ground and combined with the highest quality resins available. Once ready to be used, these concentrated pigments are put directly into short-filled...
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HP Spartacote Epoxy Pigments

$47.00 - $120.22
Our HP Spartacote Epoxy Pigments are designed to be used exclusively with DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Pigment Base. Once ready for use, these concentrated epoxy pigments are dispersed directly into a short-filled DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier Part-B...