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Baby Mammoth Propane Floor Grinder
Baby Mammoth Propane Floor Grinder

Baby Mammoth Propane Floor Grinder

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The Baby Mammoth Grinder & Polisher integrates a medium-scale grinding and polishing engine designed with V-Twin OHV Technology, ensuring superior balance, reduced vibration, lower emissions, enhanced valve life, improved fuel economy, and higher HP/Weight ratio. Its advanced debris management system maintains engine cleanliness and temperature for prolonged durability and optimal performance.

Features and Benefits
  • V-Twin OHV Technology: Superior balance, reduced vibration, lower emissions, improved valve life, better fuel economy, and higher HP/Weight ratio.
  • Advanced Debris Management: Maintains engine cleanliness and temperature for enhanced durability and performance.
  • Dura-Bore Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve: Provides wear resistance and improved oil control.
  • Full Pressure Lubrication w/ Spin-On Oil Filter: Ensures maximum lubrication and prolonged engine life.
  • Centrally Located Oil Pump and Pickup: Facilitates faster priming and enables operation at higher angles.
  • Oil Cooler: Reduces oil temperature, enhancing lubrication and extending oil change intervals.
  • Heavy-Duty Cylinder and Sump: Engine block designed for superior durability.
  • Durable Head & Valve Train Design: Materials matched for severe conditions.
  • Automotive Grade Pistons with Forged Connection Rods: Reduces noise, vibration, oil consumption, emissions, and wear.
  • Forged Crankshaft: Minimizes friction and heat build-up with heat-treated ball bearings.
  • Fire Ring Head Gaskets: Maintains seal under higher combustion pressures.
  • Five-Inch Centrifugal Multi-Stage Air Cleaner: Offers maximum engine protection, especially under dirty and dusty conditions.
  • Innovative Debris Chopper Fan: Ensures excellent debris management and lowers engine temperatures by up to 30 degrees.
  • Industrial Grade Solenoid Shift Starter: Enables quick and reliable starts.
  • Mechanical Compression Release: Facilitates smooth, easy starts and instant return to maximum power after starting.
  • Magnetron® Electronic Ignition: Provides quick, dependable starts without requiring maintenance.
  • Cooling Fin Inspection Panels: Allows quick debris inspection and cleaning.
  • Engineered Resin Blower Housing & Phase Modulated Flywheel Fan: Reduces noise levels and improves sound quality.