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Dust Control Tromb 400L
Dust Control Tromb 400L

Dust Control Tromb 400L Industrial Dust Vacuum

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The DC Tromb 400L Industrial Vacuum is our most powerful 110-volt dust extractor. It's designed to meet the demands for a clean and healthy working environment while supporting effective handheld power tools. This extractor ensures uninterrupted work.

Powerful, robust, effective, and versatile, this vacuum system can manage extremely fine dust and materials generated on construction sites stemming from cutting concrete, sanding, grinding, or drilling floors or walls. It can also handle dust from other industrial factory processes. This system connects to floor grinders and handheld tools like cutting machines, chisel hammers, and saws. Moreover, its compact design facilitates easy movement and transportation.

Features and Benefits
  • Tackles up to 400 m3/h
  • 216 CFM
  • 115 Volt
  • Compact and robust - easy to move and transport
  • Signal lamp indicates when it's time to clean the filter
  • Equipped with a patented self-cleaning filter (washable polyester) and a H13 filter
  • Puncture-proof wheels of “non-marking type”, lockable to facilitate work on uneven ground
  • Handles most fine dust and materials created on construction sites, as well as dust from other industrial factory processes