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Ecoguard (Type W) Dust Shroud
Ecoguard (Type W) Dust Shroud

Ecoguard Tuckpointing Dust Shroud

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The Ecoguard (Type W) Dust Shroud necessitates utilization with a vacuum or any dust collection system for effectively gathering dust and larger particles generated from employing wider kerf diamond blades, like the Tuck Pointing or Crack Chasing blades. It incorporates three distinctive features that elevate its superiority over competing guards. Firstly, a simple wing nut operation allows easy cutting depth adjustment. Secondly, it features a nose guide that marks the cut line. Lastly, it offers visibility inside the cover during cutting, courtesy of its construction using clear polycarbonate material.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed for use with broader kerf diamond blades like tuck-pointing or Crack Chasing blades
  • Requires a vacuum or dust collection system for effective dust and particle collection
Three unique features
  • Simple wing nut operation for easy cutting depth adjustment
  • Nose guide indicating the cut line for precision
  • Clear polycarbonate material construction allows visibility during cutting