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Fast Cure Epoxy Coating Kit
Fast Cure Epoxy Coating Kit

Fast Cure Epoxy Coating Kit

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The high-quality Fast Curing Epoxy Coating Kit is a clear, 100% solid, 2-part system that is incredibly user-friendly. This coating cures rapidly and offers exceptional resistance to unwanted chemicals and abrasion. Additionally, our high-quality kits are UV-resistant and won't yellow over time.

For proper application, ensure the floor is thoroughly clean, free from any dust and debris, and properly degreased. Mix 2 parts A with 1 part B (hardening mix). Once thoroughly mixed, apply the solution directly onto the prepped surface. Only mix the amount needed at a time and pour within a 15-minute window to avoid spoilage.

Features and Benefits

  • Low odor & VOC content enabling interior applications without harmful odors.
  • Self-leveling seamless finish.
  • High gloss & crystal-clear finish.
  • Surface resistant to bacteria and moisture.
  • Will not distort or yellow with age.
  • Offers endless color combinations.
  • Can be recoated within 1 to 3 hours.


  • 2-hour dry time
  • 2 parts A (2 gallons of resin) to 1 part B (1 gallon of hardener)
  • Coverage: 300-450 Sq Ft per 3-gallon kit (100-150 sq ft. per gallon)
  • 15-minute work window