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dust shroud, xps, dust collector, concrete dust shroud
dust shroud, xps, dust collector, concrete dust shroud

Hand Grinder Dust Shroud

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  • 5 Inches
  • 7 Inches

Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

Control concrete dust and debris swiftly and efficiently during floor grinding with Our Dust Shroud. This 5" or 7" dust shroud easily fits over handheld grinders, reducing exposure to concrete dust while grinding and edging. Attaching this dust collector tool captures 99% of airborne dust particles, preventing dust from dispersing into the surrounding environment.

Our Dust Shroud enables grinding up to walls and edges without requiring cleanup in corners afterward. Specifically designed to improve worker safety during surface preparation, it effectively manages air quality. When used for hand grinding and edging, this dust shroud minimizes exposure to airborne silica dust. Its twist-and-click design securely fastens the hose without the need for duct tape. This solution for flush-edge grinding incorporates efficient dust collection.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick-release lever for ease of use.
  • Compatibility with various vacuum hoses.
  • Significant reduction of dust when used with a vacuum.
  • The shroud includes a flush grinding door for efficient dust collection when grinding flush edges.
  • Secure hose attachment to the shroud with a twist-and-click mechanism instead of tape.