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NewLook ProtéShield Concrete Sealer
NewLook ProtéShield Concrete Sealer

NewLook ProtéShield Concrete Sealer

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  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
NewLook ProtéShield Elastomeric Waterproofing Concrete Sealer protects porous concrete surfaces from moisture. It's a water-based, inorganic elastomeric waterproofer that penetrates, seals and shields porous areas against water and other liquids.

The modified polymer formula of ProtéShield offers excellent durability, breathability, and temperature resistance. It effectively waterproofs, winterizes, and safeguards concrete, pavers, drywall, GFRC, gypsum, stone, tile, ceramics, foams, canvas, veneer, overlays, cementitious resurfacing compounds, asphalt, wood, and most metal types like copper, steel, and iron. It's especially suitable for large commercial or residential applications.

This waterproofing concrete sealer by ProtéShield prevents the penetration of contaminants, thwarting mold, mildew, and pollution damage. It's a long-lasting protective solution intended for professional coating installers.

Features and Benefits
  • Outstanding Concrete Waterproofing: Establishes a BREATHABLE yet impermeable water barrier on treated surfaces.
  • Exceptional Temperature Resistance: Endures extreme temperatures from -65º F (-54º C) to 400º F (204º C).
  • Robust Abrasion & Chemical Resistance: Highly durable; resists yellowing, cracking, or delamination.
  • Eco-friendly & VOC Compliant: Complies with current U.S. air pollution regulations, classified as non-hazardous and non-toxic.
  • Superior Elasticity (up to 400%): Provides flexibility without compromising strength.
  • Simplified Surface Cleanup & Maintenance: No seasonal recoating required, ensuring easier maintenance.
  • Non-flammable & Non-combustible: Offers enhanced safety measures in various environments.
  • Prevention of Freeze-Thaw Damage: Shields treated surfaces from common water-induced issues like freeze-thaw, cracking, and spalling.

Product Uses and Applications
Recommended Use: Ideal for sealing, waterproofing, and protecting various porous building materials such as concrete, pavers, brick, precast concrete, stone, ceramics, wood, and metals (copper, brass, steel, aluminum, gold, iron). For detailed information, refer to NewLook or your distributor.

Usage Precaution: Avoid applying on existing vertical surfaces; suitable for tilt-up structures before assembly.

Large-Scale Applications: Suitable for theme parks, city parks, parking lots, airports, roads, bridges, piers, schools, helipads, tunnels, pipes, decks, walkways, and driveways.

Surface Preparation: After cleaning surfaces from mold, mildew, pollution, sewage, oil, and wax buildup, apply ProtéShield™ concrete sealer. This penetrating sealer prevents substance growth and penetration, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

Ideal for Various Settings: Recommended for hospital floors, restaurants, offices, schools, commercial buildings, industrial plants, labs, manufacturing and fabrication facilities, warehouses, residential spaces, basements, retail stores, and grocery stores. For below-grade surfaces, consider NewLook HydroHalt.

Comprehensive Protection: Guards against UV rays, ice, water, chlorinated water, rain, acid rain, salts, chlorides, rust, mold, fungus, insects, chemicals, oil, fuel, stains, and extreme temperatures.