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NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher
NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher

NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher

SKU: NSS-6402014
Call For Special Pricing: (954) 799-6359
The NSS Charger 2022 Floor Burnisher is cost-effective for achieving high-gloss, wet-look shine applications.

Features and Benefits
  • A 24-volt 235 AH battery pack delivers up to 2.5 hours of burnishing.
  • Equipped with a 2500 RPM motor and 60-70 lbs of pad pressure, the Charger 2022 ABLT produces a high-gloss shine.
  • A carefully balanced design ensures easy maneuverability for the Charger 2022 ABLT.
  • The hinged 90° head mechanism allows for compact storage and facilitates standing pad changes.
  • Multiple handle positions enable operators to find the optimal ergonomic position for comfortable operation.
  • The low-profile pad driver, offset 6 inches to the right from the body, simplifies burnishing under shelves.
  • Quiet operation (only 68 dBA) offers scheduling flexibility, allowing floor burnishing in occupied facilities without significant disruption to customers and coworkers.