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NSS Wrangler 1503 AB
NSS Wrangler 1503 AB

NSS Wrangler 1503 Floor Scrubbing Machine

Call For Special Pricing: (954) 799-6359
  • AE - Electric (NSS-1202034)
With its ergonomic design, straightforward operation, and compact build, the NSS Wrangler 1503 offers the best value among micro scrubbers. Tailored for areas under 10,000 sq. ft., this NSS Wrangler is ideally suited for restrooms, convenience stores, and nursing home rooms.

  • 15-inch / 38.5-cm scrub path
  • 18-inch / 45-cm squeegee
  • 3.7-gal / 14-l solution tank
  • 4.2-gal / 16-l recovery tank
  • 33 HP brush motor
  • 0.4 HP vacuum motor
  • Wrap-around squeegee for complete solution recovery positioned directly behind the scrub brush
  • Adjustable ergonomic handles and two 8-inch rear wheels for enhanced maneuverability
  • Cord-electric (AE) model