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NSS Wrangler 2016 DB/AB/AE
NSS Wrangler 2016 DB/AB/AE

NSS Wrangler 2016 DB Floor Scrubber

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The NSS Wrangler 2016 DB/AB/AE offers a tight turning radius and a scrub head lock-down feature, allowing it to handle heavy scrubbing. With its tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature, it easily tackles heavy scrub and standard scrub jobs.

Features and Benefits
  • 20-inch scrubbing path
  • 6V 225 AH Batteries
  • Curved Squeegee
  • 7 Gauge Steel Frame
  • 20-inch/51-cm scrub path
  • 6-gal/61-l solution capacity
  • 17-gal/64-l recovery tank
  • 0.75 HP brush motor and a 0.75 HP vacuum motor (DB/AB)
  • Offset scrub head for superior edge cleaning
  • Battery-powered wheel drive
  • Maneuverability