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Sika Scofield Formula One Lithium Densifier MP
Sika Scofield Formula One Lithium Densifier MP

Scofield Formula One Lithium Concrete Densifier

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SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP offers a cost-effective solution for extending the lifespan of colored architectural ground and polished concrete floors. Ideal for various environments like schools, hospitals, government buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, and restaurants, it contains optimal solids content to ensure superior penetration and reactivity. This higher-solids formulation is designed to be diluted at a 1:1 ratio with potable water.

With its concentrated formula, each container of SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP provides twice the usable densifier. For softer or more porous concrete, it can be applied at full strength.

This VOC-free concrete densifier deeply penetrates and rapidly reacts with concrete components to enhance the hardness, density, and abrasion resistance of cementitious surfaces. Formulated with a blend of lithium silicate and surface tension modifiers, it efficiently fills microvoids, aiding faster concrete polishing and improving water and stain resistance. Unlike coatings, it doesn't crack, peel, or delaminate from surfaces. It can be used at full strength or diluted to meet specific requirements.

The application rate of SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP is primarily determined by the porosity of the concrete during treatment. The concrete's porosity also dictates the dilution rate, as detailed below. It's crucial for the concrete to be over 28 days old before applying SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP. Normally porous concrete that has been steel-troweled or ground to an 80–200 grit surface profile typically requires an application rate of 200–400 square feet per gallon (5–10 m2/L) when used undiluted.

Ground and polished concrete involve a mechanical process that includes cutting or honing an existing interior concrete slab, applying dye (if desired), a densifier, a guard, or a finish coat, and then polishing to achieve the desired gloss level. Densifying products aid in hardening the surface by filling the natural surface pores with additional calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), a mineral inherent in concrete that contributes to its strength. This durable, low-maintenance flooring system has gained prominence in architectural circles over the past decade.