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SCOFIELD SelectSeal Plus Concrete Sealer
SCOFIELD SelectSeal Plus Concrete Sealer

SCOFIELD SelectSeal Plus Concrete Floor Sealer

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  • 4 Gallon Case
  • 5 Gallon
Scofield Selectseal Plus is a clear concrete sealer formulated with high-solid content, low odor, self-crosslinking, and urethane-fortified acrylic. It is designed to protect interior colored or uncured concrete.

Selectseal Plus employs unique waterborne proprietary technology, delivering superior wet slip resistance while forming a robust, stain-resistant, and abrasion-resistant gloss finish, surpassing many solvent-based sealers. It allows the creation of floors compliant with various ANSI, ASTM, NFSI, and UL traction standards.

The application of Selectseal Plus can be done using traditional foam, microfiber, or lamb’s wool applicators, as well as conventional air-assisted airless or HVLP spray equipment. It withstands various temperature and humidity conditions without cracking, ceasing, frosting, or gumming.

Features and Benefits
  • High-solids, low-odor water-based formulation.
  • Enhances concrete and chemical stain colors effectively.
  • The self-crosslinking resin system ensures superior stain, abrasion, and chemical resistance.
  • The exterior is durable and UV light stable for lasting protection.
  • Application flexibility - can be applied by brush, roller, or spray.
  • It can be thinned for use as a clear primer coat.
  • Will not gum or produce spider-webbing in hot conditions.

  • Suitable for food courts, pools, entries, and walkways.
  • Preserves the color of antiquing stamp releases and stains.
  • Provides an abrasion-resistant topcoat for stains and dyes.
  • It acts as a concrete curing compound, reducing spider cracking and efflorescence.
  • Prevents dusting on both new and aging concrete surfaces.

Coverage Rates
Coverage varies depending on several factors: thinning, application method, surface porosity, and substrate texture. When applied at full strength on flat finished concrete, typical prime-coat coverage ranges between 300–400 ft2/gal (7.4–9.8 m2/L), resulting in a dry film thickness of 1.1–1.3 mils. Diluted with 1 pint of water per gallon, prime coat coverage increases to around 450 ft2/gal, yielding a dry film thickness of approximately 0.85 mils. Porous, broom or textured finishes generally require more sealer. For topcoat or second coat application, expect coverage between 600–800 ft2/gal (14.8–19.6 m2/L).