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Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder

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The Wallaby Concrete Floor Grinder is a compact surface preparation machine known for delivering highly professional concrete finishes. With its planetary and gear-driven system, this machine is an excellent addition to your equipment fleet, excelling in rigorous concrete floor grinding and coating removal applications.

Its user-friendly design ensures ease of maneuverability and sustainability, while the 220V Single-Phase power source guarantees users high-quality concrete floor finishes and impressive surface profiles. The machine's high productivity rates and reliability make it an ideal choice for contractors working on industrial, residential, and light-commercial concrete flooring projects.

While specific conditions may vary from job to job, most contractors report smooth grinding operations and exceptional coating removal, along with its outstanding ability to eliminate mastic, glue, and other pre-existing surface treatments.

Features and Benefits
  • Generates professional concrete finishes
  • Planetary and gear-driven design for rigorous grinding and coating removal
  • Maneuverable and sustainable design for easy operation
  • Operates on a 220V Single-Phase power source
  • Provides high-quality concrete floor finishes and remarkable surface profiles
  • Ideal for industrial, residential, and light-commercial concrete flooring projects
  • Offers smooth grinding and impressive coating removal
  • Capable of removing mastic, glue, and other surface treatments