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Xtreme Hard Densifier
Xtreme Hard Densifier

Xtreme Hard Concrete Densifier

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  • 32 Oz
  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 55 Gallon
Xtreme Hard Densifier is crafted from inorganic polymer materials designed to infiltrate concrete slabs, elevating surface density and hardness. Xtreme Hard Densifier blends uniform, concentrated, nano-sized particles in an ultra-low surface tension liquid through an exclusive and eco-friendly manufacturing process. This fusion is deeply embedded within the concrete, bonding with its cement components. An incredibly robust, dense floor surface enhances resistance against foot and forklift traffic wear. It's water-based, environmentally friendly, and complies with VOC regulations nationwide.

Xtreme Hard Concrete Hardener is a highly responsive densifying agent based on colloidal silica. The Colloidal Silica molecule acts swiftly (within 1-2 minutes) with its numerous reactive sites. Saturate the concrete surface, then gently brush with a soft-bristled broom. Allow to dry (45-60 minutes). This densifier maintains a green, clean, and safe composition.

With a low pH (approximately 8.7), it's safer to handle, emits zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and eliminates hazardous material disposal, making it job site-friendly and environmentally conscious. The improved Nano Technology formula penetrates concrete at a deeper level. Xtreme Hard stands as the most cost-effective concrete densifier available in the market!

Features and Benefits
  • Fills the porosity and capillaries of concrete, establishing a permanent bond that enhances the hardness of floors and walls, reducing susceptibility to dusting and the absorption of most liquids.
  • Compliant with all VOC regulations, including those in California, and adheres to LEED qualifying standards.
  • Resistant to the penetration of various liquids, including oils and many chemicals.
  • It helps minimize the occurrence of many rubber tire marks, especially in warehouse applications.
  • Application equipment can be cleaned using water.
  • It does not discolor or develop a white cast on the floor over time, even if overused or not entirely removed.
  • Unaffected by bond breaker systems when used as directed, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Reduces operating costs by enhancing ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Performance Advantages
  • Lower pH improves the reactivity and stability of materials.
  • Low viscosity and smaller molecular size enable deeper and more complete penetration.
  • It will not peel, reducing dusting concerns.
  • It can be applied to newly troweled green slabs.

  • Interior or exterior concrete
  • Warehouses/Distribution center floors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Medical and Research
  • Residential garages and floors
  • Commercial floors