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Investing in a Concrete Polishing Equipment Package

Investing in a Concrete Polishing Equipment Package

Make expanding easier.

When you're buying concrete polishing equipment packages for your business, there's so much to consider! Maybe the Concrete Grinder Buying Guide 2022 has helped you understand the different types of grinders and tools that are out there. But what specific items will best suit YOUR needs as well?

You can't go wrong with our line of Flooring Equipment Packages for the various resources you need to start installing. This guide will help you give your clients the best polished concrete floors money can buy, using only top-of-the line grinders look great for years to come! Help yourself grow affordably by investing smart today with these packages.

What Are Your Concrete Polishing Equipment Needs?

With so many different concrete polishing equipment packages to choose from, it can be hard for a small business owner or contractor who doesn't know what they need. If you're in this boat then keep reading because we've got all your needs covered! Get a better idea of your needs with these questions:

  • Is the space industrial, or residential? What's the size of the floor?
  • Are you doing surface preparation for epoxy, or are you grinding & polishing concrete?
  • Does your business' budget affect your purchase?
  • What other installation materials do you need? (e.g: polishing pads, resin, etc)
  • If you're working with concrete, what's its surface profile?
  • How much power do you have access to? What's the wattage?

If you are in the business of finishing concrete surfaces, then investing money into proper equipment is key to save time and get high-quality work done. Make sure that your workers know how use every tool available so they can produce top quality results for customers!

Concrete Polishing Equipment Packages For You

Edge Grinding

Concrete Edging Prep & Polishing Equipment Package | $1,704.60

The perfect set for any contractor who needs to work in smaller spaces that larger machines cannot reach! This is an essential tool if you're buying another kit because of its specialized use - also includes necessary polishing equipment.

Pros: Designed for edge grinding and narrower spaces, comes with OSHA certified vacuum, Rac-a-Tac kneeling stand and an efficient edge grinding tool.

Cons: Not designed for larger surfaces.

Dewalt 7-inch Angle Grinder Package | $1,201.00

The Dewalt 7-Inch Angle Grinder is a powerful tool for any project big or small. With its 12 Amp motor and ball bearings, this grinder will provide desired finished results with ease! The variable speed trigger allows you control from 0 - maximum setting without sacrificing performance so it's perfect if your work requires precision grinding tasks.

Pros: Sleeker grind, more versatile grinder. Better control compared to the Makita Grinder, and includes polishing pads.

Cons: Best for minor polishing jobs and edges, not larger surfaces

Equipment Packages for Small to Medium Jobs

Concrete Genie Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Starter Concrete Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $12,680.00

The Concrete Genie is a great tool for residential concrete grinding and polishing. It's able to efficiently grind, level or polish small-to-medium jobs with a great finish. Equipped with a powerful single phase motor that fits into washer/dryer outlets (220V).

Pros:With its grinding, polishing and edging capabilities the Concrete Genie is a great tool for smaller projects such as garages. Perfect beginner package for jobs up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Cons: 200 sq. ft. per hour production. Slightly less efficient than the 550, not as suitable for spaces over 2,000 sq. ft.

Genie 550 Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Genie 550 Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $13,550.00

The Genie 550 is a great choice for flooring contractors focused on smaller jobs looking to add polishing their services. Capable of grinding, cutting and edging - this machine will handle any job under 2000 sq ft!

Pros: From garages and homes and commercial spaces, this grinder can do everything under 2000 sq ft. Comes with useful accessories like USB ports and LED lights.

Cons: Better quality machine for a higher price. Not designed for jobs over 2,000 sq. ft. Heavier machine means you should have two operators, ideally.

Peanut Mammoth Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Peanut Mammoth Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $20,150.00

The Peanut Mammoth can grind, polish and edge. It’s perfect for smaller and medium jobs such as garages and driveways, but it also has the ability to do larger contracts should you need it! This is a great kit that will help flooring contractors provide quality polished floors - perfect if you're looking at adding another line of work.

Pros: The Peanut Mammoth is the perfect tool for any business seeking to start grinding or polishing commercial/industrial jobsites. This model fits into dryer/washer outlets (220V). The efficient planetary design provides an delicate yet powerful output that will leave your finish looking like new!

Cons: Not suitable for large warehouses and other industrial jobs because of its lower production rate. Might be overkill for something like a small garage, though it can be used.

Equipment Packages for Large Jobs

Baby Mammoth (3H) Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Baby Mammoth (3H) Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $25,975.00

With an efficient production rate and OSHA certified vacuum, this package will be your go-to when polishing large areas with around 6000 sq ft! The perfect choice for flooring workers who need to polish medium sized spaces. Fits into dryer/washer outlets (220V) making it an efficient and adaptable machine. Any contractors looking to start adding large commercial and industrial clients should consider this.

Pros: The Baby Mammoth polishing machine is a three-head model that creates an efficient and stable surface grind due to its counter rotating head design. It also has nine diamond sharp heads for your scratch pattern needs, which give you one of the best outcomes around!

Cons: This machine is less mobile than other models because it's heavier and louder. Not suitable for small jobs like garages compared to the other models.

Baby Mammoth (4H) Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Baby Mammoth (4H) Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $28,250.00

This Mammoth machine is a powerful and versatile machine in our line with four heads that allow you to customize your scratches and patterns on a variety of floors. Package includes an OSHA certified vacuum fit for dust production as well some grinding metals- meaning it's ready at any job site! Fits dryer/washer outlets (220V)

Pros: The four-head model is efficient and stable during operation due to its weight and design. The high RPM allows for more work in less time with a great quality finish, equipped with counter rotating planetary system that creates a beautiful grind! It has 12 diamond headed tools so you're able change what's being ground at any given moment - making every job unique!

Cons: Contractors who only do garage or driveway work might find this machine too heavy to move easily. The weight increase means less mobility, which could lead them needing more than one operator on site.

Mammoth 800 Surface Prep & Polish concrete polishing equipment package & its contents.

Mammoth Pro Grind & Polish Equipment Package | $39,380.00

The Mammoth Concrete Grinder is a perfect machine for larger spaces. Whether you need polishing, grinding or edging the Mammoth will deliver! This package includes OSHA certified vacuum along side some essential tools that are perfect if your looking expand into industrial jobs as well commercial ones.


Pros: With its high production rate, this 1,200 RPM machine can handle even intensive jobs with ease - up to 1000-3000 sq. ft. per hour depending what you're doing at time; making them ideal when needed most like during large scale building projects or renovations

Cons: This machine is incredibly efficient when it comes to large spaces - which means it requires three phase power (480V). Due the increased production rate you will need an extra generator if your job requires residential work.

Learn How To Use Your New Kit

We offer a 5 day class program at Xtreme Polishing Systems with experienced operators. If it's with epoxy or with polished concrete, this program will help get your flooring business off the ground.

In these classes, you'll learn:

  • Polishing concrete
  • Flooring business marketing and pricing guidance
  • Concrete patch & repair

You will also learn how to use the grinding machines included in these concrete polishing equipment packages.

Learning proper technique with installing a new floor is an investment in your business that should not be taken lightly. The wrong preparation can lead to costly repairs, time lost from work.


We know that concrete business owners have a lot on their plate. So we’ve taken the best of everything and put it all in one place for you! With our selection, building your own professional's toolkit will be as easy as 1-2-3: choose from high quality flooring materials or some serious grinding power with an excellent polisher packages deal customized for your needs.

If there are any additional questions, contact our trusted specialists at (954)-228-8856. If your business budget is impacting your purchase, we have financing options available.


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