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Surface Preparation Equipment Packages for Your Business

Surface Preparation Equipment Packages for Your Business

Buy the best machines for your needs.

The concrete grinder buying guide will help you find your way through a sea of options to the best professional grade tools on today's market. Articles like our Articles like our Concrete Grinder Buying Guide 2022 help you get a better idea of what type of machine you need, but maybe you need more than that. From grinders and epoxy materials, this article has everything necessary for installing any size epoxy floor all over America!

If you're an expanding flooring business, our line of Flooring Equipment Packages is best for you. Buying an equipment package helps you invest smart money in all the materials you need.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Purchasing new surface preparation equipment is, even with our competitive pricing, a big investment. Answer these questions for yourself to spend your money smarter:

  • What size floor are you preparing? Industrial, commerical or residential?
  • What other materials do you need to help your install? (e.g, epoxy, application tools, polyaspartic)
  • What is the concrete surface profile of the concrete?
  • Does your business have a budget you need to account for?
  • What power & wattage do you have to work with?

By purchasing the right surface preparation equipment package for your flooring needs, you will save money and deliver high quality finishes to clients.

Surface Preparation Equipment Packages For You

Edge Grinding

Concrete Edge Grinding Equipment Package | $1,127.00

This package includes a Rac-a-Tac kneeling stand, 5 inch Makita Angle Grinder and fitting dustless vacuum. Owning proper edge grinding equipment is essential for those smaller spaces that larger machines can't reach; it's perfect if you're buying another set because of its specialized use!

Pros: Most efficient on small spaces and edges

Cons: Not for medium and larger spaces besides for edge grinding

Equipment Packages for Small to Medium Jobs

Starter Concrete Surface Prep Equipment Package | $10,495.00

If you need to fix up your concrete in a garage or other small space, this is the perfect package for preparation and shining all at once! We've got everything that's needed with our Concrete Genie machine as well as grinding metals.

Pros: Perfect for smaller jobs (under 2000 sq. ft.) needing grinding and polishing. Single phase motor fits into washer/dryer outlets (220V). Recommended for flooring contractors entering the industry.

Cons: Concrete Genie has a lower production rate (sq. ft. per hour) than other machines, making it less efficient in larger spaces.

Genie 550 Pro Surface Prep Equipment Package | $11,250.00

The Concrete Genie is a polishing and grinding machine that can transform your flooring. It comes with 2 sets of metals, as well as an OSHA certified vacuum to get the job done quickly!

Pros: More adaptable than the Concrete Genie, it's still perfect for any grinding or polishing needs. Single phase motor fits into washer/dryer outlets (220V). The Genie 550's production rate and efficiency is higher than the standard Genie. Also added benefits of LED lights and USB ports.

Cons: Costs more than the Concrete Genie package, less mobile due to its weight. Not suitable for jobs over 2,000 sq. ft.

Peanut Mammoth Pro Surface Prep Equipment Package | $17,250.00

The peanut mammoth is a lightweight and reliable machine that can handle jobs up to 5,000 sq ft. It features double gear driven motors for smooth operation in the field as well as OSHA certified vacuums with grinding metals included!

Pros: Our medium-sized model fits into outlets found on washers and dryers (220 volts), it can easily accommodate any size project. Especially perfect for commercial sites. The planetary system provides an efficient surface grind & prep which will help produce professional results every time.

Cons: Not the most efficient for large industrial spaces, and may be more inefficient for smaller residential applications compared to the smaller models.

Equipment Packages for Large Jobs

Baby Mammoth (3H) Pro Surface Prep Equipment Package | $22,890.00

With the Baby Mammoth three head model, you can tackle medium-sized jobs up to 6,000 sq. ft in size with ease! This highly efficient and high production rate machine package is a must have for flooring workers who are preparing large spaces or need an extra hand on their workloads. The OSHA certified vacuum included makes cleanups quick & easy too so your operators stay healthy.

Pros: The counter-rotating design of this grinders ensures that it is stable and efficient. With a high RPM, you can prepare more in less time with no interruptions to your workflow! The true planetary model creates its own scratch pattern which fits nine diamond heads. Fits dryer/washer outlets (220V).

Cons: Not as efficient in smaller spaces. Because of its weight, most likely needs two operators to safely move around.

Baby Mammoth (4H) Pro Surface Prep Equipment Package | $24,490.00

If you need to tackle any job from 6,000 sq. ft up in size then the Baby Mammoth is perfect for your needs thanks its fourth head that offers greater customization and scratch patterns on floors! It's also highly efficient machine so it won't leave workers wanting more.

Pros: Its two grinding heads, one on either side of the motor shaft, and counter-rotating motions create optimal efficiency and stability. It's high RPM allows for more work to be completed before time runs out; it also has 12 diamond shaped scratching plates which make up this unique pattern. Fits 220 volts power sources.

Cons: Great package for medium-to-large jobs, but inefficient for most residential applications. Heavier machine than the previous packages, less mobility.

Mammoth Pro Surface Prep Equipment Package | $35,195.00

The innovative Mammoth 800 Concrete Grinder is a must have for any business that deals with the surface of concrete and terrazzo floors. The powerful grinder will polish, grind away and prepare your flooring, with includes vacuum for dust particles to ensure an impeccably clean environment! Especially useful for larger, industrial spaces.

Pros: The best model on the market for jobs under 5,000 sq. ft., but its high production rate (1000+ sq inches per hour) makes it able to perform more exhaustive grinds! Incredibly efficient at grinding due to a counter-rotating head design that achieves 1,200 RPM with ease and precision.

Cons: Costly and large in size for residential spaces. It requires a special three-phase generator that is not always available to handle the load of such buildings, making this type unsafe or inconvenient when working with clients who may not have access themselves (such as renters).

Epoxy Flooring Material Packages

Starter Epoxy Flooring Kit | $939.12

The ultimate flooring kit for any project, this convenient bundle includes industrial-grade epoxy resin materials and decoration. You'll find all you need to install a variety of surfaces from one easy purchase!

Garage Epoxy Floor Starter Kit | $1,066.25

This package is perfect for your, or your client's, garage. It includes industrial grade building materials, epoxy color additives and application tools specifically packaged to be used in garages around 450 sq ft., giving you a durable finish with an glossy surface that will last years!

How to Use Your Surface Preparation Equipment

At Xtreme Polishing Systems, you can learn from experienced professionals. If you want to a service installing epoxy or polished concrete to your business, these classes are made for you

In the 5 day program, we cover:

  • Preparing surfaces for epoxy
  • Flooring business marketing
  • How to install popular types of epoxy floors

And many other business & installation skills from our trusted specialists.

Proper surface preparation is essential for successful installation of epoxy and polyaspartic systems. This ensures that your business will be able to attract new customers in the long run, while also preventing costly repairs or re-installation down road when surfaces fail due improper care taken during installation.


We're here to help you fill your toolkit with the best epoxy materials, surface solutions and preparation equipment on today's market. You invest in quality when you choose from our variety of surface preparation equipment packages, with diamond tipped grinders and more.

If there are any additional questions, contact our trusted specialists at (954) 287-3797. If you need financial help to get your business started, we have financing options available!


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