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Cove Tool - Xtreme Polishing Systems
Cove Tool - Xtreme Polishing Systems

Epoxy Cove Trowel

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  • 4 Inch
  • 6 Inch

The Epoxy Floor Coving Trowel boasts high-carbon, spring steel that undergoes tempering, grinding, and polishing. Riveted with hardened steel blades, it's ergonomically designed with wooden handles for enhanced grip.

Selected by our team of epoxy coating specialists and technical experts, this innovative floor resurfacing tool is tailored for high-performance decorative epoxy floor systems and industrial concrete coating applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Crafted from tempered high-carbon spring steel for durability.
  • Features hardened steel ground rivets and ergonomic wooden handles.
  • Tailored for top-tier performance in epoxy floor systems and concrete coatings.