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Easy shine mop on wax product bottle | Epoxy ETC
Easy shine mop on wax product bottle | Epoxy ETC

Kemiko Easy Shine Concrete Wax

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  • High Gloss
  • Satin (Matte)

Kemiko Easy Shine Wax is an effortlessly applicable waterborne acrylic polymer wax crafted to safeguard and sustain your sealed concrete surface. Specifically formulated, this concrete floor wax repels water, minimizing scuffing and marring. It allows the substrate to breathe while leaving the floor with a lustrous shine and features low odor and VOC levels. This versatile product can be easily applied using a brush, mop, or spray onto the sealed surface.

Please note to use KEMIKO® Neutra Clean before applying the concrete wax to decontaminate the sealed concrete surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy application and cleanup with soap and water
  • Breathable and low-odor
  • Provides a water-repelling finish
  • Low VOC content