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Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer
Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer

Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer

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The Swissmex Acetone Pump Sprayer is a lightweight compression sprayer designed with acetone-resistant parts, making it perfect for applying acetone and acid-based stains and dyes to concrete floors. This sprayer is ideal for various applications, including decorative concrete, graffiti removal, and surface cleaning.

Its specially designed tip ensures consistent, drip-free coverage, eliminating unsightly drip spots. The heavy-duty polyethylene tank is durable and nearly indestructible, resistant to dents, chips, and cracks. With UV inhibitors, it's protected against sun exposure, crucial for outdoor work. The transparent tank allows easy monitoring of liquid levels, while the wide-mouth design facilitates spill-free refills.

Pressurizing the sprayer is effortless with the hand pump or via a compressor using the tire valve. The pressure relief valve activates at 42 PSI to prevent over-pressurization. Featuring a shut-off valve with a filter and a locking pin for continuous spraying, it includes a trigger lock to prevent accidental discharge. Its bottom drainage allows complete emptying after use.

This high-performance pump delivers enough pressure to empty the tank with two sessions of 40 full strokes. It comes with an 18" angled brass spray wand and a 4-foot professional-grade chemical-resistant hose. The hose includes a steel spring to prevent deformation, while the pump assembly is easily repairable.

Features and Benefits

  • Piston pump
  • Flat fan plastic spray tip
  • Resistant to acetone & alcohol
  • Fiberglass spray lance (model ACT 1.5)
  • Transparent tank for easy monitoring of fluids
  • Working pressure: 2 to 3.5 bar (29 to 50.8 psi)
  • 4-foot professional-grade chemical-resistant hose
  • Empty the tank with only two sessions of 40 full strokes
  • Treated with UV inhibitors to guard against UV exposure
  • Non-absorbent woven polyester carrying straps (38 mm wide)
  • Rugged shut-off valve with a dependable design
  • The pressure relief valve activates at 42 PSI to prevent over-pressurization