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Acid Staining Concrete To Make Your Concrete Shine!

Acid Staining Concrete To Make Your Concrete Shine!

How to get richer, deeper colors from your concrete.

Concrete floors are known for the iconic matte gray finish, but concrete has more visual customizations than that. Through a process called acid staining, concrete floors can be given a new life, with deeper, richer colors. Alongside a polishing service, you won't even recognize your floors as concrete after the job's done!

If you want all the practical benefits of a concrete floor, with more visual appeal, this article will show you the best way to achieve beautiful colors out of your concrete!

Step-by-Step: Acid Staining Concrete

Surface & Concrete Preparation

As with any flooring project, you must start by preparing the surface for the system you're installing. For acid staining concrete, you'll need to clean the concrete thoroughly, and grind the concrete so that it's level if necessary. Once you've cleaned the surface, we recommend using an acid etching solution to help the stain apply evenly.

Once the etching solution has done its work, you'll have to neutralize it with a different solution, generally involving baking soda. This is important for the prevention of damage to the concrete by the acid etching solution.

Acid Stain Application

Applying an acid stain solution to your concrete floors is generally an easy process, requiring only simple application tools. Using sponges, mops, or specialized brushes like the AmeriPolish application brush, you'll need to work in small sections so that you don't have to worry about the solution drying when you don't want it to.

The acid stain solution, once applied, will begin to react with the concrete to produce the deep, rich colors you want. This might take ten minutes, or it might take an hour. No matter how long it takes, you'll have to neutralize it with a baking soda solution much like you did with the acid etching solution. Remember to follow this up with a thorough water rinse!

A little research on what acid staining solution you need can go a long way to get the desired results. Established companies like AmeriPolish, Kemiko and Butterfield Elements all offer high quality acid staining solutions.

Applying a Concrete Sealer

Even if the acid stain is applied now, the work isn't over. Applying a sealer to your stained concrete is too important of a step to neglect. A sealer will protect your concrete from wear and tear, and protect the stain job as well! Not only that, but once the sealer is applied, it can be polished to give you a beautiful gloss finish.

Acid staining is easy, affordable, and produces beautiful colors for your concrete floors. Let your floors shine like they deserve to!

An image showing an acid stained concrete floor in a commercial space.

Acid Stain Concrete FAQs

Q: Why should I acid stain concrete?

A: If you're looking for more, visually, from your concrete floors, acid staining is an easy and affordable way to get it. It'll give your floors a strong, deep coloring.

Q: How long will it take to acid stain my concrete?

A: Acid staining, from start to finish, can take a day or two in full. Most of this time will be spent waiting for solutions to dry properly, as the application of the solutions is relatively quick.

Q: Will the acid stain last permanently?

A: When your acid stain is applied properly, and correctly sealed, it should last for the lifetime of the concrete. It is possible for fading to occur when these procedures aren't properly followed through.

Q: How should I clean my acid-stained concrete??

A: Like other polished concrete systems, cleaning is fairly simple for acid-stained concrete. Use simple, mild cleaning solutions with water to gently clean your floors.

Start Your Concrete Floor Business Today!

An image showing a contracting operating a concrete floor grinder.

Concrete's most popular strengths are often related to its practical utility, but it can be just as beautiful as it is strong! Residential homes and commercial businesses across the nation are increasingly turning to concrete for their flooring needs. Don't wait, jump in on this booming industry today! With help from our team of professionals, you can learn everything you need to know at our Polished Concrete University. During the 5-day course, you can learn:

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If your matte gray concrete is leaving you wanting more, an acid stain job might be just the fit for you! Give your floors a new life, permanently, and give them the deeper, richer colors that you need. If you take care of your concrete floors, you'll be left with a beautiful looking floor for years to come.

If you're a concrete contractor looking for tips on adding new services to your business, or any other questions you might have, call our specialists at (954) 228-8856 for help! Our EpoxyETC store will deliver to you high quality products at competitive rates, from DIY epoxy kits to professional resources.


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