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Epoxy Flooring: Installation Productivity and Efficiency

Epoxy Flooring: Installation Productivity and Efficiency

Don't settle, always try to improve!

Epoxy flooring installations ask flooring contractors to practice patience, precision and much more. But as it's often said, you should learn how to work smarter, not harder. Epoxy contractors will benefit from a few of the tips we're going to cover in this article on how to do just that! From effective time management to several other straightforward techniques, there's always room to improve epoxy flooring project management. Avoid shortcuts, minimize errors, and ensure timely project completion, and you'll find success before you even realize it!

This article delves into the most optimal strategies for your success on the jobsite. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, these tips will help you boost productivity, maximize profits, and achieve superior quality outcomes!

Key Strategies to Improve Epoxy Flooring Efficiency

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1. Plan and Divide Your Work:

"Efficiently manage curing times and workflow" on its own may not be supremely practical advice. What you need is a proper action plan for the site you're working!  Particularly for larger projects, dividing the work into smaller sections is an incredibly effective strategy. By creating distinct areas for work, you can efficiently handle curing times. Make sure to read up on your specific resin's curing times, so you understand how to navigate it on the job!

Ideally, you should work on one section, finish it, then leave it to dry and cure as you begin work on the next section. Once you finish the planned out section's first layer, the 2nd layer should be ready for installation with minimal downtime.

Don't try to tackle it all at once, especially big jobs! Break it down into more understandable tasks and sections. Try to think through what needs to be done first, what can wait a little later down the line, and anything else relevant.

Before starting the project, consider the following questions:

  • What's the square footage of the jobsite? Industrial, commercial, or residential?
  • What do you have on the job? What type of resin, floor grinders, etc.
  • Does the concrete base need significant repairs before installation, or can it be simply prepared?
  • What is the client's desired timeline for the job? Can you reasonably commit to it while still delivering quality results?

2. Utilize the Correct Application Tools:

A somewhat obvious, but too often forgotten, tip. The importance of using the right application tools cannot be overstated. Professional-grade tools will save significant time and hassle during epoxy flooring installations. And it's not just for your benefit! Your client will love their floors even more if you commit to using the right tools to make the result look that much more professional.

For optimal epoxy flooring efficiency, it's absolutely essential for every serious contractor to invest in top-quality, high-performance tools. Consider it a long-term cost-saving measure. Anything you can do to reduce mistakes and minimize the need for future repairs will help your profits!

3. Choose a Floor Grinder Tailored for Efficiency:

Grinding plays a vital role in the epoxy flooring installation process, especially for larger projects. If you know anything about surface preparation, you know that a stable, clean, level and slightly roughened surface is essential for quality epoxy floors.

Remember to use an appropriate grinder that suits the size of the job. Not all grinders are made equal! Diamond-tipped grinders are recommended. You should also research to find whether a rotary or a planetary grinder is more suitable for your specific needs.

Larger jobs will need tough, large surface area grinders that are built for scaling up. But, on smaller projects, those grinders will be overkill, and may even threaten your efficiency. You'll need smaller, more efficient grinders that can complete the job quickly.

Grinders are no small expense. From initial investment, to any potential upkeep costs. But it's the best investment any flooring contractor can make for their business! Our team here at EpoxyETC is always eager to help you navigate the everchanging flooring grinder market to find what's best for your job.

4. Explore Efficiency Techniques for Epoxy Flooring:

Aside from some broad, general workplace management tips, there isn't a one size fits all approach to any installation. Contractors are people, and every person will have their own way of maximizing efficiency on the job. As long as you're keeping quality results your top priority, you should explore different techniques! Find what works for you and your contractor team. Develop your own methods by experimenting with various techniques.

For example, some contractors tape out sections before starting an installation, while others consider it unnecessary and tedious. Analyze your previous projects, figure out what worked and what didn't, and find the reasons why! Critically inspecting your past work is the best way to grow as a contractor for the future.

5. Embrace Continuous Learning and Improvement:

The epoxy flooring industry is always changing. There are endless opportunities for improvement, and professionals should remain open to learning new techniques, tools, and strategies to enhance efficiency! Our blog here at EpoxyETC is committed to helping you navigate these changes and discover new ways to improve your work. But there's more!

Epoxy certification programs like Epoxy Classes combine business management, hands-on experience and valuable one-on-one time with professionals. Don't wait; take control of your career!


Epoxy flooring installations force you to practice patience and precision, but with a little planning and work, you can be efficient and still deliver quality! With the tips we provided in this article, you will improve as a contractor before you know it.

While the EpoxyETC blog is always staying up to date on the latest in the industry, we know you need more personalized guidance sometimes. That's why our team of specialists is always on standby at (954)-799-6359! Also, our online store, EpoxyETC, is stocked with the latest and greatest in epoxy resources.


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