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Can I Use Epoxy On Plastic? (2021)

Can I Use Epoxy On Plastic? (2021)

Epoxy is useful on so many surfaces. It is known for its amazing bonding abilities on a ton of different surfaces. While many people think of using epoxy on wood or concrete, is it possible to use it on plastic? The answer to this is that it depends. There are specific epoxies made that will bond plastic no matter what, while there are also steps you can take to make other epoxies that aren’t created for that purpose to bond to plastic.

Why use epoxy on plastics?

One of the most common reasons people use epoxy on plastics is on boats. Some plastic parts may need to be patched or fixed in some other way. Also, you may want to bond plastics for various crafting purposes.

What kind of epoxy can I use?

There is a kind of epoxy specifically made to bond plastics together. It is called Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder. It is able to repair holes in plastic or to bond plastics together. It is an acrylic formula with a double syringe that will dispense equal parts of parts A and B every time you need to use it. The bond is created within 25 minutes from the time the parts are mixed together. Loctite can be sanded and drilled. It also is resistant to high impacts, does not shrink, and resistant to water.

How can I prep plastic surfaces for better adhesion?

If you want to use other kinds of epoxy on plastic there are steps you can take. You can use sandpaper to rough up the areas you are bonding together. This will give the epoxy something to adhere to and help create a better bond. Keep in mind, it still will not have as good of a bond as it would with wood or concrete, but it will get the job done.

What type of plastic surfaces cannot be bonded with epoxy?

Not all plastics are able to be bonded with epoxy, including polyethylene and polypropylene. It also cannot be used on nonstick surfaces such as Teflon. It will bead up and roll off, creating a mess and not creating the bond you are looking for.


With this article, we hope that we have shed some light on the possible usages that epoxy has. It is an incredibly versatile material that has more than just floor coating. If you have any questions regarding epoxy and its multitude of uses, feel free to contact any of our specialists at (954)-799-6359.


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