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Epoxy Application Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Epoxy Application Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Use the right tools for the job.

You bought your grinder, and your client is lined up, but you're missing the essential application tools that you need. A toolkit with a variety of application tools is a must-have for epoxy installation jobs. They come in all shapes and sizes, but there is no one tool that does it all - each has its own set advantages over another when working with different types of finishes on various surfaces and with different sized spaces.

But what if you're in a small business and don't have large industrial contracts? These same tools can still help your team be more efficient with their installations. Inspect the workspace before buying anything else, then figure out using this article which tool will best suit your needs!

Essential Epoxy Application Tools

An image of a squeegee evening out an epoxy top coat.

Floor Care

Though you won’t be using these tools during installation, it's important to clean and prepare your surface in order for the finished product not only look good but last long too! Surface preparation prevents bubbling and peeling and many more issues down the line. Caring for clients' base flooring before installing a system is easy - especially with the right tools.

At our EpoxyETC store, we deliver top of the line floor care products you can use on any floor. Spiked shoes are also an important investment to prevent ruining both your clothing and the floor.

The Roller

The roller is a wonderful tool to have during installation of epoxy. It's easy and quick-to use, but it can also leave behind streaks if you're not careful with application or your space isn't wide enough for the width that will be applied by the roller!

We sell everything you need for roller use, from the roller itself, to the cover, to the frame.

The Broom

The broom is a fantastic tool for larger epoxy installations. It's efficient at spreading medium-to large amounts of resin over floors, but it leaves more streaks than rolls do! The best way to use this would be if you have more solution to spread, and then fix the streaks with other more specified tools.

We recommend the Spartacote Application broom - using the right broom can minimize streaking, and Spartacote's broom is durable and specifically made for your installation use.

The Squeegee

The squeegee is a powerful and versatile tool that any technician should have on site. It's highly efficient, allowing you to customize your kit based off the job on the spot; there are also many sizes available for whichever task needs be completed - from larger areas to finer precision detail! With proper technique, a squeegee can guarantee a seamless finish composed of seamless coating layers.

You can customize your kit based on the job site, and buy a 36-inch floor squeegee, or the 24-inch Wooster Red Speed squeegee.

The Trowel

The trowel is a small, narrow and tapered implement that can get into spaces your larger tools cannot. Think of it as an angle grinder for technicians - they're both essential to have in the toolkit! Much like the angle grinder, the trowel is very good at its specific use, but its efficiency doesn't scale up as well as the other tools in your kit.

For your edging and narrow space needs, we recommend the 12-inch Magic Squeegee Trowel.


The flooring contractor's toolkit should include some humble but essential items - like tape. Tape is perfect for making sure that epoxy, or any other chemicals and solutions installed, don't ruin your clients' walls or surfaces. Tape ensures a clean installation process!

We sell a variety of tapes for your installations on EpoxyETC.

Learn How to Use Your Epoxy Application Tools

An image showing an Epoxy Classes professor demonstrating proper application techniques.

Owning the right tools is half the battle. The other half is proper use and technique. Our experienced technicians at EpoxyETC will teach you the fundamentals of the flooring industry. Learn best installation practices, properly preparing surfaces, and how to market your business, among many other skills. We offer a 5 day course with our Epoxy Classes program. When you take our course, you take home a thorough training manual that has all the information you'll need to start installing.


The right epoxy installation tool can make all the difference in getting your floors done quickly and efficiently. There are a variety of different application tools out there, but each has its own specialized uses so it's important to choose wisely!

If there are any additional questions about what tools to get or anything else flooring, contact our experts at (954) 287-3797. We value transparency in our sales, and our competitive pricing helps you invest smart money.


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