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Installing Stone Countertops? Try Epoxy Instead!

Installing Stone Countertops? Try Epoxy Instead!

Mimic your favorite slabs at reasonable rates.

Stone countertops are notorious for not just their beauty and strength, but also their price. Whether your choice is quartz or marble, having a stone countertop slab installed is out of most homeowners budgets. What if it was possible to achieve that beautiful stone finish, without sacrificing quality or strength, at a fraction of the price of stone? When you install epoxy countertops instead of a stone slab, you get everything you want and need in one affordable package!

What is Epoxy?

If you're looking for stone slab alternatives, epoxy is far and away your best option. With its iconic sleek, clear finish, epoxy resin can be mixed with pigments, silica sand, flakes and more to achieve a near-limitless variety of designs and textures! Epoxy cures and bonds to itself and to the surface its installed to, giving it an incredible amount of strength. Epoxy's sleek, non-porous finish gives it a lot of different benefits perfect for your kitchen countertops!

Epoxy is an incredibly versatile solution. With epoxy, you can achieve a totally new and unique design, or perfectly mimic your favorite stone slab finishes. Its glossy surface is a perfect complement to whatever design you choose! Epoxy is a great solution, for floors and countertops, for a low-maintenance kitchen.

Why Epoxy For My Countertops?

epoxy on industrial countertop

Garages, industrial warehouse floors, commercial kitchens; epoxy is in high-demand right now as a flooring solution! Its versatility goes beyond just floors, though. Its practical and aesthetic benefits that make it a popular flooring alternative also apply to your countertops! Here's a few of the reasons why epoxy is growing as a countertop alternative:

  • Epoxy's labor process is incredibly efficient, and trusting the right installers with your countertops will leave with you stronger finishes, for more affordable rates.
  • Epoxy is one of the strongest surface solutions on the market, both because of its resin quality, and its curing process. 
  • Its non-porous, sleek finish makes it extremely easy to care for an maintain. It'll resist bacteria collection, stains and more!
  • Epoxy is not just versatile practically, but also visually! Make an entirely unique design, or choose from a variety of designs. Like this article explains, it's also the best way to mimic your favorite stone slabs!

Renovating your kitchen countertops? Consider epoxy! Epoxy gives you everything you want and need out of your countertop surface. If you want a stone slab finish without breaking the bank, epoxy is perfect for you.

Install Epoxy Countertops Like A Professional

An image showing a professional epoxy contractor showing students how to install epoxy countertops.

From consumers to business-owners, epoxy is a high demand flooring alternative! Any entrepreneurs and contractors looking to get their footing in this industry should consider learning hands-on with professionals. Our Epoxy Classes program is a perfect way to get that experience! During our 5-day course, you'll learn everything you need to know about working with epoxy. Our class will cover:

  1. Grinding concrete for epoxy
  2. Mixing pigments, hardeners and flakes into epoxy
  3. How to achieve a variety of different epoxy designs

Sign up for our classes and get the heads-on experience you need today!


Epoxy countertops are the perfect solution for any business or home-owner looking to renovate! Whether you want to mimic your preferred stone slab finishes, or create something entirely unique to you, epoxy can do it. From floors to countertops, help your surfaces shine for years to come!

If you have any questions about installing epoxy countertops, picking out epoxy designs, or any other concerns, contact our specialists at (954) 287-3797! Our online store at EpoxyETC delivers you everything you'll need to install today at competitive prices.


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