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Epoxy Resin Tables For Your Home Upgrades

Epoxy Resin Tables For Your Home Upgrades

Renew your tables with epoxy resin.

With so many benefits to epoxy, it's no wonder that more homeowners are using this material for their home renovations. From floors and countertops to tabletops or even outdoor projects like patios! You can't go wrong with the strength of resin coatings—they're incredibly capable for any project's needs!

What better way to show off your home than with an elegant and durable table that will last for years? With so many styles of tables on the market, it's hard to find one that matches your needs and wants. This article will help you understand why epoxy is the perfect catch-all solution, from practical strength to visual appeal and customization!

Why Should I Install an Epoxy Resin Table?

The answer to this question is simple—epoxy resin works. It's a versatile material that can be used in many ways, from protecting surfaces and adding aesthetic appeal all the way down to tabletops where it has several advantages over alternative materials like polyurethane or lacquer for example:

Epoxy is the perfect material for your new kitchen countertop! It's durable and will stay beautiful, even with heavy use. From its stain resistance, to its scratch resistance, epoxy will help you save money on new tables or table coatings in the long term. You won't have to clean it as often as the alternatives because of its seamless finish. You don't have to worry about pesky stains or germs setting into cracks when there are none!

Whether you're looking for something classic or unique, epoxy is a great choice. It can be mixed with colors and pigments to create the perfect tabletop that matches your home's décor! You could even add inclusions like glittering stones on top of an already beautiful design—your table is yours to customize!

An image showing a stone-mimic tabletop epoxy resin design.

How To Install An Epoxy Resin Table

Installing an epoxy resin tabletop is easy if you have the right tools. Using high-quality kits will ensure that your project comes out looking great and can last for years to come! The DIY epoxy resin countertop coat from EpoxyETC is a great solution for your renovation projects.

  • Start by creating a smooth surface for the epoxy by sanding down your tabletop. Afterwards, clean it with mild cleaner and let dry to prepare the surface to properly hold the epoxy resin.
  • Second, mix the epoxy. This is a crucial part of installation, and mixing instructions will vary depending on which brand you use. Once you begin applying the epoxy, take special care to apply it smoothly and evenly. Proper tools like a 12-inch squeegee are a massive help in guaranteeing quality.
  • Finally, Use a hairdryer or heat gun to remove any bubbles that might be sitting on the installed epoxy. Allow it cure for recommended amount of time, which should be in your manufacturers' instructions for the epoxy solution, before using your new tabletop!

Personalize Your Epoxy Resin Table!

Now that you know how to install epoxy resin tabletops, it's time for some DIY magic! As we mentioned before, this material is versatile and can be mixed with a variety of colors or pigments. You could also add inclusions like glitter particles, so your tabletop stands out from any other. Epoxy is an easy material to customize and make truly yours.

Why pay a premium price when you can have the same sleek, stylish look without breaking your budget? A trustworthy and professional epoxy contractor will help achieve any marble or granite finish at much more reasonable rates.

Begin Your Career in Epoxy Contracting!

An image showing a student contractor learning how to install tabletop epoxy resin tabletops.

Working with our Epoxy Classes program team will not only give you the skills to install epoxy, but also teach everything from handling materials like resin and pigment-based paints or other chemicals necessary for completing projects on time; proper safety practices when working near power tools (and knowing which ones aren't safe); how long each type of project should take based upon complexity level—and so much more!

Don't miss out on this valuable education experience, sign up today!


For any home renovation, from floors to countertops, to tabletops, epoxy is an incredible solution. If durability, beauty, and uniqueness are what you're looking for in a home renovation solution, then look no further than epoxy resin! Whether you go DIY, or you find a contractor you trust, epoxy is an easy choice for any homeowner to make.

Do you have questions about the tabletop resin sealing process? Our technicians are ready and waiting to help solve your concerns at (954) 287-3797! The EpoxyETC online store sells the highest quality resources on the market, at incredibly affordable rates, whether its a DIY buy or a professional bulk restock of your kit!


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