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Perfect Concrete Grinding: Your Guide to Diamond Tools

A large industrial-grade concrete flooring grinder sanding a concrete surface for epoxy resin installation.

Diamond Grinding Tools Decoded



Every epoxy resin flooring project starts with careful surface preparation. Careful surface preparation starts with efficient concrete grinding. Efficient concrete grinding begins with the right diamond tools. But with so many different options on the market, how do you know which is best for your project?
Epoxy contractors and concrete pros navigate a diverse range, from durable metal-bonded diamonds ideal for tough coatings to versatile resin-bonded diamonds excelling in polishing. Project specifics, coating types, and desired finishes guide the tool selection process.

Diamond Concrete Grinder Tools 101


What is a "Bond" For Concrete Diamond Tools?

Concrete grinding isn't hard, and it can only be made easier if you have the right equipment. You may have a quality grinder, but if you don't know which bonding type you need for your project, you will sacrifice efficiency.
The bond in diamond tools, the matrix holding the diamonds, determines hardness and effectiveness. A soft bond suits hard concrete, exposing more diamonds for aggressive grinding. A hard bond fits softer surfaces, offering longevity and sustained performance. Choosing the right bond optimizes the grinding process.




  • Soft bond for hard concrete, hard bond for softer surfaces.
  • Bond choice crucial for optimal grinding results. The more specifically you can tailor your toolkit to the project, the more efficient you'll be - with better results!

Measure Concrete Hardness: Knowledge is Efficiency



What tools you pick depends almost entirely on the condition and hardness of your concrete. Soft concrete has different grinding needs than hard concrete. A simple test involves pressing a metal object; a mark indicates relatively soft concrete. But, if you really want to up your game, there are concrete hardness testers and meters on the market that'll get you accurate results.
But why do you need to know your concrete's hardness? As malleable as concrete is when it comes to grinding, you still want to avoid over-or-underworking it by using the wrong diamond tooling.




  • Accurate concrete hardness assessment ensures desired finish.
  • EpoxyETC's online store offers an industry-standard hardness meter that'll get you the accurate results you need.

Choose the Right Grit Size for Success



Grit size is another factor you'll need to consider. Depending on the finish you want, you'll need a different grit size to accomplish it. A coarse grit (lower numbers) swiftly remove coatings, while finer grits (higher numbers) refine surfaces.
So, consider what your project is going to involve. Is there previous flooring that needs to be completely removed? You'll need a lower grit for the kind of aggressive removal necessary. And for polishing jobs, a finer grit is going to get you that smooth finish. Much like the bonding type, your grit size should be tailor-made for the needs of your project.




  • Lower grits for aggressive removal, higher grits for polished surfaces.
  • Start with a lower grit when necessary, then move onto higher grits for any polishing work.

A contractor using an angle grinder tool to prepare a concrete surface for epoxy resin installation.


Top Considerations for Diamond Tool Selection

Shopping for diamond tools? Remember these key considerations:

  • Metal-bonded Diamonds: Heavy coating removal, leveling uneven surfaces.
  • Resin-bonded Diamonds: Versatile for polishing, achieve a smoother finish.
  • Grit Standards: Tailor approach with different grits for specific tasks


Get the perfect grind with less work - that's efficiency! Knowing your project and your tools is half of the battle, so work smarter, not harder.


No surface preparation is complete without grinding concrete. Choose diamond tools wisely – efficiency and precision are in your hands. With the right tools, you'll create the perfect floors for your clients every time! Knowledge is power - so learn how to get the perfect grind every time with EpoxyETC!
For guidance, resources, or affordable restocking, our epoxy network has it all. Call our technicians at (954) 228-8856 and explore our many deals on the EpoxyETC online store.


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