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Flake Epoxy and Flooring Businesses: A Match Made in Heaven

Flake Epoxy and Flooring Businesses: A Match Made in Heaven

Elevate your business with flake epoxy garage floors.

Flooring contractors: don't miss out on profits! An epoxy garage floor service is an easy way to boost your bottom line. With this smart business move, you can join the ranks of successful flake-coating pros who are already cashing in across the nation. Start installing flake epoxy garage floors and watch those profits skyrocket!

When you want your garage flooring to shine, there's only one clear choice: flake epoxy! Not only is it durable enough to last a lifetime, but its beautiful finish will turn garages into showpieces. If your goal is standing out from the competition while still providing an unbeatable product - this service should be on top of your list!

Flake Epoxy Garage Flooring: A Perfect Solution

An image of a large residential garage with a epoxy flake flooring finish.

Help your clients' garages become the envy of their neighbors with flake epoxy flooring! This trendy and aesthetically pleasing finish adds more than just style - it offers a host of unique benefits. Plus, top-notch vinyl flakes like EpoxyETC's really bring out its shining beauty. With this durable coating, you can transform an ordinary garage to an extraordinary showpiece in no time at all.

Flake epoxy flooring is an economical and easy-to-apply solution! It consists of a wet-applied polyurethane or epoxy coating, featuring a broadcast of vinyl flakes of a variety of colors. Because of the inherent strengths of an epoxy floor, with the strength and resistance of vinyl flakes, you're guaranteed to have a beautiful floor that'll last for years.

Flake Epoxy: A Strong Showstopper For Garage Floors

Flake epoxy has transformed the garage flooring market, offering an alluring and resilient surface that can withstand anything. With unparalleled strength and resistance to scratches, stains, or general wear-and-tear - flake epoxy is not simply an affordable flooring material, but rather a dependable solution for creating beautiful floors. Use a high quality resin - like the EpoxyETC line or RockHard - and you'll be surprised at how much your floors can resist!

Your next garage floor project can be transformed into a stunning masterpiece with flake epoxy coatings. Epoxy systems, like flake epoxy, often come with a myriad of color customization options! As a contractor, the more options you offer your clients, the better. From broadcast percentage, to color pallets, help your clients make their space truly unique.

What Flake Epoxy Garage Flooring Services Do For Contractors

Flake epoxy garage floors are the fuel for your flooring business' success! Their quick, easy installation and low labor cost means that you'll see returns on investment quickly. What's more, the relatively small size of garages makes them ideal projects because they require minimal resource input, but reap big rewards. High-efficiency jobs await contractors who understand how to leverage this unique opportunity in the flooring industry!

Transform your clients' garages with our easy to install and scalable flake epoxy floors! With one simple investment, you'll be giving their space the unique character it deserves while seeing impressive returns for your business. So don't miss out - there's always a next garage that needs upgrading!

Learn to Install Flake Epoxy Garage Floors!

Ready to level up your business? Come join the Epoxy Classes crew! Our epoxy certification course helps flooring contractors stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. With our top-notch training, businesses have experienced higher profits and success rates - so why not hop on board and see what we can do for you? Get certified today by reaching out or scheduling a meeting with us now

Between hands-on experience on the grinding floor and in-class demonstrations from professional installers, you'll be ready to install new floors after just 5 days of training!


Join the hottest trend in garage flooring: flake epoxy! This revolutionary product will not only open up great new opportunities for your business, it'll give you a whole fresh client base. Make sure that you don't miss out on this lucrative market opportunity - contact us today and let's get started building something incredible together!

Our technicians are just a call away at (954) 287-3797 to help you expand your business! And our EpoxyETC online store sells everything you need: grinders, resins, DIY kits and more.


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