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How To Clean An Epoxy Countertop (2021)

How To Clean An Epoxy Countertop (2021)

How To Clean An Epoxy Countertop

The latest trend in indoor and outdoor home design elements, epoxy countertops, are becoming the go to choice for homeowners everywhere - and for good reason. Epoxy is innately glossy, moisture resistant, and resistant to all kinds of chemicals. This makes it the perfect choice for homeowners and professional settings. Like most other countertop options, epoxy resin is not self-cleaning and so to keep it in good health, knowing the basics in cleaning and maintenance is a crucial step.

Tip #1 - Do Not Use Alcohol

In normal life, most people default to isopropyl/denatured alcohol to clean most surfaces in their homes or professional settings. However, if alcohol is used to clean an epoxy countertop, it will begin to strip the material from the underlying surface and disrupt the finish of the surface. This is something that we can avoid by using the correct chemicals to clean.

Tip #2 - Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners

In likeness to alcohol, using abrasive cleaners will only deteriorate your surface and remove all of the shine that makes epoxy countertops special. Forget about using scouring pads or all-purpose cleaners as they will only dull the surface and leave you with a dull, weird-looking countertop that will require much more expensive cleaning in the future to regain its shine.

Tip #3 - Use A Non Abrasive Household Cleaner

For most cases, non-abrasive household cleaners mixed with some mild dish soap and water will do the trick in cleaning most epoxy countertops. This mixture is soft enough to not damage the countertop but strong enough to penetrate and lift dirt and grime. In the event of a significant industrial spill, use a small amount of acetone or paint thinner to clean the surface. Be sure to not use too much of it as it will cause dulling and a hazy finish.

Tip #4 - Be Proactive And Use The Right Cloth

When you see a spill, be proactive and clean the area as quickly as possible. This will eliminate the chance that the spill will penetrate into the epoxy and gives you a better chance of cleaning it with no leftover residue. A household towel or rag will do just fine in cleaning the surface, as well as a chamois cloth. These types of fabrics are gentle and highly absorbent; something that will help draw out any of the spills that happen on the surface.

Tip #5 - Steam Cleaning Is Okay

When stains and spills have sat for a while and potentially become dried on, using a mix of water and heat from a steamer is the best way to remove those stains. The steam will loosen the stain structure, making it a lot easier to wipe clean.


Regardless of the type of countertop surface you go with, creating a proper maintenance routine is vital to the longevity of your surface. If you adhere to the above recommendations surrounding the cleaning of your epoxy countertop, you will not only have a beautiful surface but a surface that lasts for years to come. If you have any questions or would like to speak with an epoxy specialist, please feel free to call (954)-799-6359.


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