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Is Paint Better For Your Floors Than Epoxy Resin?

Is Paint Better For Your Floors Than Epoxy Resin?

Or is it just a band-aid solution?

Does your garage floor need a face lift? Are you debating whether to invest in paint or epoxy resin for durability and protection against wear and tear? With the right product, not only will you have an attractive space - it won’t be vulnerable to chipping, peeling or damage from dropped tools, either!  Read on as we compare paints vs epoxy resins, so that you can make the best choice.

Epoxy Resin or Paint: What's a Smarter Investment

Whether you want a visual upgrade, or a durability upgrade, you'll have to choose between paint or epoxy resin for your floors. There's a variety of factors to consider. Which has more climate resistance? Which is better in terms of safety? Durability? Cost? What about visual appeal, or flexibility and customization?


It's important to know exactly what you're looking to get out of your floors while we start answering these questions. So, let's dig in a little deeper and find out! Here are just a few of the differences between epoxy resin and paint for your floors.

An image of epoxy resin garage floor coating siding to protect garage floors.

Protection, Investment and Beauty: Who's the Winner?

First off, epoxy resin is the clear winner in terms of strength and durability; floors coated with an epoxy resin will handily outlast any painted floors by an exponential amount. That durability will help your floors keep their original colors, shine and gloss for much longer than paint could. Paint floors do offer you more visual flexibility, but they're prone to chip, peel, and will often lose that color.

When it comes to resistance, an epoxy resin garage floor is, again, much better prepared for any test that comes its way. Especially when you use a higher quality resin, like RockHard's epoxy or polyaspartic resin, for your floors. From climate resistance, to scratch resistance, to chemical and oil resistance and more, epoxy beats paint easily once again. Epoxy resin's durability is near-unmatched with any flooring solution, let alone paint! Epoxy resin is the clear winner when it comes to a long-term investment for your floor.

What about the cost? If you're working on an extreme short-term budget, DIY paint flooring solution could work for you! But you have to remember that its lack of durability will mean more upkeep, more repainting over time than an epoxy resin floor. Basically, epoxy resins may have a higher upfront cost, but the long-term investment is where the real savings are.

Which is Better for DIY Flooring Installers?

DIY is an incredibly popular solution for home renovators nowadays. For those so inclined, should you consider DIY installing paint, or epoxy?

If you're looking at it purely from a short-term cost basis, or even on time spent, paint is your probable winner. Splurge on a high quality paint, primer, do your surface preparation, and you're basically good to go. Don't skip on cleaning your floors before you install!

Epoxy might have a steeper learning curve for DIY flooring installers, but you shouldn't let that stop you. For just that little bit of extra effort, and cost, you can have a new floor that will last you years to come! If you're looking to install epoxy, here's a short summary of some of the steps you need to take:

Just like with a paint installation, it's essential to prepare the surface; sterilize, clean debris, and check for moisture. If you need to grind the floor, either rent out a small grinder, or see if you can get a contractor to do it! Then, apply the epoxy resin evenly, and use an appropriate tool like a brush or roller. Because of epoxy resin's higher learning curve, we still recommend contacting professionals if you're feeling nervous or want the perfect results.

After that, you just need to let it cure and dry! Be patient; the epoxy needs time to cure for the best results. Give it anywhere from 6 hours, to two days, depending on the resin used, humidity, and a few other factors.


Sick of regular garage floor painting that only lasts a few months? Invest in an epoxy resin solution for long-term protection. Professionally installed and with minimal maintenance, you can count on your floors to look fresh year after year! Don't let another day go by - reach out now to our team of experienced epoxy contractors and start taking the steps towards futureproofing your space!

Do you have any questions about the specifics of comparing a flooring solution to epoxy resin floors? Call our team and find your solution at (954) 287-3797! Our online store offers you the resources you need to get the job done right the first time, at affordable rates.


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