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Which Resin Concrete Sealer Is Best For You?

Which Resin Concrete Sealer Is Best For You?

Future-Proof Your Concrete Floor

Which concrete sealer should I choose? That's a question that many business and homeowners ask themselves when they decide to renovate their floors. Epoxy, polyaspartic or acrylic resins all have benefits and specific uses, but you need to be informed to make the right decision for your floors! In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

Polished Concrete: Why Do I Need A Resin Concrete Sealer?

Polished concrete is a durable, low maintenance material that can withstand wear and tear. It's also often more environmentally friendly because it doesn't require frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals. Whether you want them because they're strong, or because they're beautiful, a polished concrete floor will stand up to the test.

The choice of resin to seal your polished concrete is an important one. You need something that will not only provide a high-gloss finish but also protect it from stains, oils, and dirt. Get the most out of any design vision for these beautiful surfaces by picking the right resin for you!

What Are My Resin Concrete Sealer Options?

An image of a modern interior gallery with a metallic epoxy floor installed in it.

With their sleek and shiny surface, polished concrete floors are a great way to make your business stand out from the rest. Not only will they provide you with increased durability, but also resistance against stains or spills, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Polishing your concrete floors is a great investment for the future. But which resin sealing solution should you use?

Epoxy Resin

There are a lot of different options for concrete floor sealers, but epoxy resin is among the most durable and resistant. Installation can sometimes require specialized equipment – like a concrete floor grinder – which increases the labor costs of your work. Otherwise, though, epoxy resin is very affordable considering its high quality. Especially when companies like RockHard deliver high quality solutions for affordable prices.

Acrylic Resin

The beauty of concrete floors is that they give you a lot of flexibility in your design vision. Acrylic resins are perfect for creating designs on your floor, whether you want something decorative or functional! They're less expensive than epoxy or polyaspartic alternatives, which does mean that they are not designed to be as strong or durable as the other options. For smaller, more decorative jobs, acrylic resin can handle the task affordably!

Polyaspartic Resin

Polyspartic resin is an excellent choice for those who want the best of both worlds. It's durable and easy to apply, but it doesn't provide as much protection against wear and tear compared with epoxy resins. RockHard even has a polyaspartic resin concrete sealer line; they're UV resistant and quick drying, too! That means less installation time for you, while still getting the durability you need.

A Resin Concrete Sealer For Your Floor

The difference between a good sealer, and a great one, comes down to what you want out of your floors. For example, if your budget is tight, or you just want a decorative seal, then acrylic resin will work well for you. Epoxy, though, is much stronger and much more durable, even if it is more expensive.

Installers nowadays are combining traditional epoxy and polyaspartic resin for their installations, too. They use the quick-drying, but slightly less durable polyaspartic as a base layer for an epoxy top coat. This allows them to go quickly during installations, without sacrificing quality. Combining the two can even help reduce costs during a project!

If you want the best result with your new flooring, make sure to follow all installation instructions and warnings from resin manufacturers. Otherwise, the floor could fail further down the line!

Get Paid to Install Polished Concrete Floors!

An image showing a contracting operating a concrete floor grinder.

By joining our team at Polished Concrete University today, you'll learn the skills you need to build a future in flooring today! Polished concrete floors are in constant demand, whether it's a small garage, or an industrial warehouse. Learn how to install any size floor from veterans in the industry! Our 5-day course will teach you essential floor contracting skills like:

  1. Installing different resin sealers onto concrete floors
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  3. How to handle on-the-job safety, repairs and more!

The PCU team will help you build your new career, today!


Installing a new floor is the best way to transform your home or business's look and feel. But what kind? Epoxy, polyaspartic or acrylic resin concrete sealers are all great options, with unique benefits, and you should be informed before you make any decision! If the installation goes smoothly by taking care during application, you'll be set for years to come with a beautiful polished concrete floor.

Are you a contractor looking for resin resources, or wondering about more details on the differences between your options? Our professionals are only a call away at (954) 228-8856 to help answer your questions! EpoxyETC, our online store, will help deliver you the resources you need at reasonable prices.


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