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Revolutionary Resin: How Sol-Gel Transforms Your Flooring Business

Revolutionary Resin: How Sol-Gel Transforms Your Flooring Business

Reach new heights with Sol-Gel floors.

Say goodbye to traditional epoxy resins and make way for the new kid on the block – Sol-Gel! This revolutionary solvent-quartz based technology is turning heads in flooring contractor circles nationwide as it makes faster installation times and superior strength achievable. Don't get left behind, find out more about why you should be using this innovative product today!

Why is Sol-Gel a Game-Changer?

Nukote's Sol-Gel is revolutionizing the flooring industry! With this unique and advanced epoxy alternative, you can achieve a beautiful glassy finish in as little as 30 minutes to an hour after application. Plus, there’s no need for extensive grinding or maintenance - just sit back and enjoy your gorgeous floors with minimal effort involved.

As long as your concrete base isn't too eroded, this amazing material could revolutionize construction projects by eliminating a tedious step from your project list! Because of its innovative chemical properties, Sol-Gel can be applied on most floors without the need for grinding.

Behind Sol-Gel's Chemical Process

Sol-Gel technology is a process for creating solid materials from small molecules. This chemical process can be used to create a wide variety of materials, including metal oxides, semiconductors, and glasses.

Materials made from this process are often stronger and more durable than their counterparts that are created using traditional methods. Additionally, they can be created with very precise control over the flooring properties. The benefits only become more clear when used for flooring!

Nukote's website will help you get educated about the unique properties of their product. You can also call the number at the bottom of this post, or contact Nukote directly, if you have more questions.

An image of a polished concrete Sol-Gel floor in a warehouse facility.

How Does Sol-Gel Hold Up To Traditional Resins?

Sol-Gel's innovative chemical engineering enables it to cure at much lower temperatures than the traditional epoxy resins thanks to its specialized process of modified quartz particles. And it cures in a quarter of the time as traditional epoxy!

This innovative technology also offers a superior mechanical advantage over traditional epoxy resins due to its barrier-breaking homogeneous and dense structure. This makes Sol-Gel much stiffer and able to withstand greater stress - the perfect partner for your toughest projects.

Sol-Gel offers some serious chemical toughness; its polymer network packs a punch in protecting against potential degradation from harsh chemicals. Oil spills, chemical spills and more be darned - it's prepared for it all!

Stronger floors in a fraction of the time.

Sol-Gel is the perfect solution for contractors who are looking to speed up their workflow and drive down project costs. It takes a fraction of the time it would usually take to apply traditional resins or coatings, meaning you can get your projects done quickly and efficiently!

The installation time associated with Sol-Gel technology is astonishingly fast. Thanks to the modified quartz particles, which are applied directly onto surfaces, this revolutionary coating cures and dries in a matter of moments. Within 30 minutes to an hour, your floors will be fully dried, and nearly fully cured. You may still want to leave some curing time aside - but you'll be free to move on to the next project.

With Sol-Gel, most concrete floors don't require any grinding – just some simple surface preparation like cleaning and sterilization before application. For an extremely eroded concrete base, you may still need to grind. But for most projects, this will cut down your labor time and costs exponentially!


Sol-Gel is becoming the preferred choice for epoxy resin installation due to its speed and strength - two desirable qualities that everyone wants in their projects! With such impressive benefits, it's no surprise Sol-Gel has risen to be the go-to solution. Who wouldn't want a fast and reliable way to get high quality results?

Does Sol-Gel sound like the flooring solution you need to boost your business? Our technicians are on-call to help you unlock your potential at (954) 287-3797! Whether you need the fundamentals, or the latest in resin innovations, our EpoxyETC online store will get it to you at competitive rates.


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