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What Is A Polished Concrete Contractor?

What Is A Polished Concrete Contractor?

Answering your questions about the expanding concrete floor industry.

Concrete has been a staple of any renovation or construction project for decades, and polished concrete has only made its usefulness more obvious as a flooring solution. The growth of polished concrete as a flooring solution means that there's a higher than ever demand for contractors that can properly polish, grind, and otherwise work with concrete floors. These polished concrete contractors will give you that iconic polished shine, with all of the practical benefits of concrete.

Flooring contractors are often picking up new skills and services. If you're at all trained in working with epoxy floors, for example, becoming a polished concrete contractor should be a no-brainer. The most successful contractors are those that can cover multiple bases for their clients!

What Do Polished Concrete Contractors Do?

An image showing polished concrete contractors preparing test panels.

Polished concrete contractors are flooring professionals, but what makes them stand out from the alternatives? If there are overlapping similarities between epoxy contracting work and polished concrete work, what sets them apart?

Epoxy vs Polished Concrete Flooring Contractors

Epoxy is a flooring solution composed of several layers of resin coatings, and is often as decorative as it is practical! There's a few different styles of epoxy coating systems, and most of them share a similar installation process as polished concrete does.

On the other hand, polished concrete contractors often work more, obviously, with the concrete itself. From learning the most efficient concrete grinding methods, to concrete repair skills, to pouring and mixing their own concrete, these are truly concrete professionals.

Polished concrete contractors do install a concrete sealing solution on a prepared concrete floor, similar to epoxy contractors, but the polishing and grinding work will differ as much as the sealing system itself does.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Polished Concrete Contractor?

Learning the fundamentals of polishing concrete will set you up for future success. Nailing all the essential skills, caring for the little details and training in your craft are all signs of a great polished concrete contractor.

One of the most essential skills you need to learn may seem obvious, but it takes training and finesse to be able to deliver consistently, and that's the installation of concrete sealer to a concrete foundation. Without that, no matter how efficient you are at polishing, your quality will suffer. It's equally as important, though, to understand how to efficiently maneuver and use a concrete grinder & polisher.

Then there's the business side of contracting work. Managing labor, marketing to your demographic, accounting and more are all essential business skills. With all of these skills combined, along with the experience you'll get along the way, you can become a successful contractor, too.

Why Polished Concrete Contracting?

An image showing a polished concrete professional teaching students essential skills.

Polished concrete has been growing steadily in popularity over the years, and it's easy to see why. Between its practical benefits, like its incredible strength and resistance, and its iconic glossy finish, polished concrete can fit in any setting you need it for! It's a perfect fit for industrial warehouse floors, commercial offices, residential garages, and more.

Why Should I Become A Polished Concrete Contractor?

If you're looking to enter into a profitable industry where you're often your own boss, with flexible hours, and receiving consistent work, polished concrete might be the fit for you. Polished concrete is always in demand, whether you're repairing old floors, resurfacing or refinishing, or installing new polished concrete!

How Profitable Is Polished Concrete?

Contractors installing polished concrete, much like other flooring services, will usually charge by the square footage. The amount you charge will depend on the size and complexity of the floor you're installing. If you need help pricing your projects, or getting a better estimate of how much you might be able to make in this industry, you can contact us at the number on the bottom of the page!

How Do I Start Working On Polished Concrete?

While there is no formal education requirement for being a polished concrete contractor, it's common for contractors to have acquired at least a high school diploma. Polished concrete skills are often learned on the job, through practical experience alongside professionals in the industry. It is especially important to learn, at the very least, safety procedures and essential machine usage.

There are also certification programs you can enlist in that will teach you everything you need to know about being a polished concrete contractor. Our Polished Concrete University program, for example, is a 5-day course that will guide you through the entire installation process from start to finish, how to market and manage your business, and more!


Concrete floors are some of the most reliable floors you can install for your clients, and they're always in demand because of that. Adding a polished concrete service to your contracting business is a great way to receive consistent clients and deliver quality floors! Take control of your life and enter into a field with great income and flexibility.

Do you want to become a polished concrete contractor, but don't know where to start? Contact us at (954) 228-8856 we'll help you build the path towards your future! Our EpoxyETC store will deliver you all the beginner, and professional, resources you need, we guarantee high quality at reasonable rates!


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