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The Benefits of Concrete Classes for Flooring Contractors

The Benefits of Concrete Classes for Flooring Contractors

Knowledge is the key to success.

As any aspiring contractor or business owner is aware of, knowing your way around your work correlates positively with success. The flooring industry is a shining example of this. Flooring contractors should know how to maximize their productivity and efficiency, and how to deliver the best quality floors possible to their clients. Taking classes and getting certified in installing polished concrete is a guaranteed way to get your foot in the door of this booming industry.

Why Do I Need Polished Concrete Classes?

A flooring contractor learns how to patch and repair concrete during concrete classes.

Polished concrete has been growing in popularity over the past few years, even outside of industrial warehouse settings. Commercial spaces, residential design visions and more are utilizing polished concrete's sleek finish and extreme strength. Because of its growth in demand, its become a popular service for flooring contractors to add to their business.

Whether it's a small residential renovation, or the largest industrial warehouse, you can tackle these floor projects with the right tools and knowledge. While investing in the perfect grinder for your business' needs is essential, so is knowing how to actually install these floors for your clients.

When you know how to install these floors efficiently, polished concrete is one of the most profitable and mobile flooring services you can add to your business. Its high demand only grows higher every year, and you can choose whether you want to tackle massive projects, or stay small. Make the right choice for your flooring business today!

How to Earn a Polished Concrete Certification

You have a number of options when it comes to earning a certificate in installing polished concrete. There are seminars, online courses and more. Nothing can beat getting real, hands-on experience with professionals, though. Learning skills like how to use a grinder, or installing polished concrete, before your first job helps you be fully prepared.

Trusting specialists backed by years of experience makes a world of difference in your education. Learn from people with industry experience, who can answer every question and concern you have. Our team with our Polished Concrete University concrete class program is built just for that; helping you get a headstart in this industry. Sign up and learn:

  1. How to give your clients polished concrete floors
  2. How to price your services
  3. What grinder you need, and how to use it

And much more! Sign up today and get the education you deserve.


The flooring industry only grows in demand every day, and there's always space for more contractors to do the hard, but profitable, work. Help establish your career in this industry while you can, sign up for a concrete class! Set your future up for success and get trained in certified in this booming line of work.

Our team of specialists you can contact at (954) 228-8856 will help answer any questions, concerns or help you sign up for classes today. If you're a contractor looking for the resources you need to start, or keep, installing floors, our EpoxyETC store is competitively priced and will have everything you need.


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