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Why Do Epoxy Floors Turn Yellow?

Why Do Epoxy Floors Turn Yellow?

How to get epoxy floors to stay clear, for longer.

When it comes to floor renovation solutions, there's not much better than an epoxy floor! These strong and durable surfaces make them perfect for any residential, commercial or industrial project. One downside, though, is that they can often turn yellow over time. This happens for a few different reasons, but luckily we've got some tricks up our sleeves for dealing with epoxy yellowing.

Why Do Epoxy Floors Turn Yellow?

Epoxy floors are some of the most durable surfaces around. They can withstand even harsh conditions with their tough epoxy layer, and they always look beautiful! But over time, you might notice your flooring beginning to turn yellow. Why does this happen? We can help you understand!

— Your epoxy floors are being damaged by ultraviolet (UV) rays. This is the biggest threat to your flooring, even if they're not directly exposed to it! The sun's harsh UV rays can cause fading and cracking over time as well.

— You don't seal the epoxy floor correctly. An improperly sealed epoxy floor will be much less resistant to UV exposure, and threatens all of your hard work over time.

—The wrong type of resin was used in the installation. If you are installing an epoxy floor outside or on top without any protection from UV rays, it may be wise to use a polyaspartic based product that's graded to be UV stable.

An image of a quartz epoxy floor pool deck and patio.

How to Fight Against Epoxy Floor Yellowing

We want to help you maintain the beauty of your epoxy floors that you were promised. Most of the work you can do to fight yellowing is going to happen during the installation process, so plan ahead when you're renovating!

— To protect your floors from the sun, use a UV resistant epoxy. Many companies distribute strong UV stable resins now, like SPARTACOTE's clear coat polyaspartic resin or ETC's topcoat solution which will keep them looking new for years to come!

— Installing your floor correctly is the best way to prevent yellowing. The right installations will keep new stains from forming on top of old ones! A properly installed, UV-stable epoxy resin floor will give you that look you want for the long term.

— UV radiation causes your flooring to yellow over time. By adding some shade, you will avoid severe conditions that could lead to an accelerated aging process, and it'll reduce the risks of peeling or chipping floors altogether.

— You can choose between different types of epoxy for your floors if UV exposure is unavoidable. Clear coat finishes will yellow over time, but quartz hides yellowing better than a clear coating. Consider trying a quartz epoxy floor for your outside pool decks & patios for your next project!

Get Certified to Install Quality Epoxy Floors

An image showing an epoxy contractor teaching a class on installing epoxy.

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We all want to keep our floors fresh and new for as long as possible, but over  time they inevitably start yellowing. If you're noticing that your floor is becoming discolored, or has cracking surfaces due to the UV rays, consider using some advice in this article. Save your floors' future now, or build a better fitting floor in your next renovation!

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