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Flake Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

Flake Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

Flake epoxy floors give your garage the perfect look with high-quality materials.

Your garage floor is one of the most important parts of your home. If you're looking for a way to improve its looks and functionality, flake epoxy will be perfect! Installing flake epoxy checks all the boxes that you need out of a garage floor; durability, strength, longevity, oil resistance and so much more!

Flake epoxy is a great garage flooring option because it can handle whatever life throws at you. It can handle regular foot and vehicle traffic. It's incredibly tough, resistant to staining and fading so your beautiful space will stay new looking for years.

Its easy to see why installing flake epoxy garage floors is such a great cost-and-labor efficient service for contractors. Not only does it take only a few hours of your labor time, but you'll find all the supplies at competitive prices right here on our EpoxyETC online store.

Benefits of Flake Epoxy Garage Floors

contractor using squeegee on epoxy flake floor.

Epoxy floors have a number of inherent benefits, including:

Strength & Durability

Flake epoxy is durable and can withstand heavy traffic. It makes a great garage floor, because it lasts longer than other flooring solutions! The garage undergoes many tests day-to-day, and epoxy can help protect it. Help yourself be happier with your floor, for longer.

Stain & Fading Resistance

Flakes are a great alternative to traditional flooring materials because they don't stain or fade easily. This means that your garage will always look clean, sleek and professional! Garages are prime spots for oil leaks and other chemicals that would stain other floors, but not epoxy!

Easy Maintenance

The finish of an epoxy floor is seamless and janitorial tools are all that's needed to keep it this way. You can clean epoxy yourself easily, especially because its design fights against dirt or bacteria collection!

Visual Appeal

You might think that you need to sacrifice your garage's potential for beauty, but this isn't true with epoxy. You can choose the flakes and pigmented layers based on fitting your project's design - whether its a residential or commercial garage!

Why Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy is always increasing in popularity thanks to its durability combined with customization. For contractors, its also flexible & easy to install. Flake is the most popular epoxy style for garages, but don't feel limited by that. Every epoxy floor, when installed correctly, has the same benefits as flake. Flake is just the most efficient at delivering what your garage needs.

Flooring contractors love epoxy because of its easy installation and cost-efficiency, as well. If you're looking for a floor that can withstand any tests thrown at it - from solid color, metallic, flake or stencil designs - then look no further than this durable material!

For any flooring contractors or DIY installers, we sell easy packaged kits of resources whether its a refill, or your first job, on our online store at EpoxyETC. You can also find a starting garage epoxy installation package Xtreme Polishing Systems online store.

Learn to Install Epoxy in Garages

An image showing a flooring professional instructing contractors on installing epoxy floors.

If you're looking for a booming industry to start a business in, there's no better choice than epoxy flooring. You can get started with professionals and learn how to install garage floors in any home or business! With our 5 day Epoxy Classes program, you catch up on what you need to start building your flooring business. In the course, we cover:

  1. How to install epoxy
  2. How to price your flooring services
  3. Industry safety standards & Marketing guidance

Sign up and gain access to what you need, from knowledge to resources, to build your flooring business!


The beauty of flake epoxy garage floors is something that has been catching the eye more and more in recent years. With its strong, durable qualities it will be able to take anything you throw at it without showing any signs or cracks! A great way for homeowners looking into renovating to add value, strength and beauty to their garage!

If you're a flooring contractor with concerns regarding installing epoxy, call our trained specialists at (954) 287-3797. We provide competitive pricing on our resources and packages so that you can put smart money into your business.


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