Wall & Corner Cove

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Our unmatched wall and corner cove products will fit the needs of any professional contractor. 

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Easycove Wall Epoxy Cove Base

$16.30 - $36.40
Thousands of linear feet of Easycove® Wall Epoxy Cove Base coving can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional trowel down or other precast cove bases. In addition, the one-of-a-kind “no caulk” lip bevel eliminates...
Quick View Easycove Epoxy Corner Cove

Easycove Corner Epoxy Cove Base

$11.85 - $14.00
Easycove® Corner Epoxy Cove Base coving can be mitered to any angle, and with the added feature of our DoveLock™ interlocking bond channels, can accommodate any inside or outside angle.  However, demand in this industry continues to...
Quick View Easycove Joint & Seal

Easycove Joint Sealer

By placing a thin line of the Easycove Joint & Seal Adhesive to the edge of the coving, and pressing together the cove base, you will create a completely monolithic cove that is properly aligned. This product is key to keeping the cove in...
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Epoxy Cove Trowel

$36.10 - $47.00
The Epoxy Cove Trowel is manufactured with tempered, ground, and polished high-carbon spring steel trowels. The blades are fastened with hardened steel ground rivets with wooden handles for better gripping power. Selected by manufacturers’...